Guidelines for Choosing the Best Referencing Tool

Referencing is a very important tool that makes your assignment more valid and ensures the authenticity of your composed work. Referencing is to mention the source of information you’ve collected for your assignment (Jongeling and Reid, 2006). By proper referencing you are actually showing honor to the original piece of work and to the writer. All the references are added to the bibliographic section as these help to find out the original resources of your work. The main purpose of referencing is to avoid plagiarism and offering acknowledgement to the original source of the work (, 2019). Then the assignment work becomes more valid and it gives a clear idea of the information sources.

A lot of styles are used to create citation. Most common and used citation styles are APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, Chicago etc. Most of the Australian universities prefer the Modern Language Association (MLA) style for creating bibliographic citation in your assignment (Change in System of Referencing for Australian Social Work, 1986). Let’s have a short tour on how MLA referencing style actually works.

How to generate MLA style referencing in your assignment?

MLA or Modern Language Association is mostly used to cite sources for language, literature, liberal arts or other subjects for different divisions. The main feature of this referencing style is that, it provides cross-referencing for every citation. Cross referencing helps the reader to find out the details of every source that is used in your assignment (Elmborg and Hook, 2005).

In MLA referencing you can also cite sources from different online publications. As online publication is also used for academic purpose. Whenever your assignment is checked by any plagiarism software, if you pick anything from any online website or source without citation, it will be marked as plagiarized document. This is one of the most frequent reasons that deduct your marks. You do not need to worry anymore. You can now easily pick any convenient referencing tool that will do the citation stuff for you within a minute. AssignmentHero  trusts in Scribbr’s plagiarism checker that uses TurnItIn software as this they are not only compares the text against web pages, but also books and scholarly publications as these are type of sources as well. Scribbr’s plagiarism checker provides a plagiarism report that is clear and offers a lot of tips on how to fix plagiarized sentences.

AssignmentHero will help you to learn MLA style referencing easily

Good assignment work is expected to include variation of sources, journals, books, newspapers and other relevant sources. AssignmentHero promises you to deliver such an assignment that fulfills all the requirements and make your assignment a unique one. We have excess to a broad sphere of information in almost all subjects. So whenever you ask for any assignment our team of experts collects bulk of information that matches with your selected topic and prepare your assignment accordingly. If you have a good amount of information on your topic you can easily compose a unique and extra-ordinary assignments (Anderson and Poole, 2001).

When you will choose to quote something related to your assignment topic without referencing or poor referencing, it will become a trouble for you to fix the issue. Sometimes students are so busy with the formation and composition of assignment that they forget to add valid and accurate citation for their quoted information. Afterwards it becomes an irremovable hassle.

AssignmentHero is a very popular online assignment services that offers you diversified and guaranteed solutions at your door-step. We have access to a wide range of online educational sources that can provide a structured guideline to prepare your assignment. Our expert team has prepared a short learning process of MLA referencing to rescue you from this unnecessary trouble. 

MLA is an easy referencing style that aids you to offer attributes to the author of the original publication (OIDE et al., 1995). In MLA style the citation in the bibliographic part is shown in the following style.

Last name of the author, First name. Book Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of publication. Series. Medium.

Example: Jackson, John. Economics. Sydney: McGraw-Hill, 1998.

How to generate APA style referencing?

American Psychological Association or APA referencing style is a most common and most popular referencing style approved for social sciences or other related subjects. There are a lot of similarities of APA referencing and Harvard referencing (, 2019). The most recent APA referencing is the 6th edition.

This referencing style lists references used in a piece of writing including the author’s name, date of publication, title, year and more.

Example: Jackson, J., & Jackson, J. (1998). Economics. Sydney: McGraw-Hill.

You can try scribbr’s APA Citation Generator that is designed to ease your APA referencing of any kind of sources. It will help to crate citation easily and correctly. You don’t need to be troubled with the proper referencing anymore.

AssignmentHero provides you the exact referencing that you demand!

AssignmentHero is the best choice for you as our experts compose your assignments with highest priority and extra care. Our experts follow the guideline strictly and create citation for each of the different sources. They collect information from numerous sources which are valid and justifies your statement correctly. Some of the sources used for composing assignments are research papers, books, publications, articles, online sites etc. with accurate citation. You can visit our blog site to find some of the best literature reviews that makes your assignment more acceptable. We assure you assignments with plentiful accurate references to validate your assignment sources and support your views. As referencing is a very important part of an assignment, it should be handled with 100% care.

AssignmentHero is the only site who guaranties you 100% accurate and proper referencing for your assignment as you demand. Our main concern is the quality of your assignment. To uphold the quality we believe in 0% compromise and firmly adopt the written requirements that you need. AssignmentHero wants to deliver you a plagiarism-free original piece of assignment every time you knock.

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