Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics- Answer

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The case is appropriately captioned “Men will be men”. No matter how impaired a male, there is a natural attraction or curiosity towards pornography and it is not a blame to men rather a verified information to take into account. The case is based on an agency that provides disability support service to the patients for recovering the vulnerability of impairment. The story is about two siblings suffering from intellectual disability and need regular care as they are quite adult now and practice basic need on behalf of their parents. The female (Marissa) patient is found to be more willing to settle down in the future by her own whereas the male patient (Marco) tends to live in the present along fantasy thought with. So there raise complex situation that is questioning ethical issue risking professionalism as well.

Ethical Decision Making

In the given case the main actor is Sadie who is a speech pathologist directly interact with the patients to provide clinical service necessary. She also liable to direct support worker to respond the patients need understanding their nature. Sadie is tended to conduct specialized testing to best set the therapy for each patient separately. Vocal and cognitive communication impairment is the area of Sadie to deal with. At this time she gets two siblings Marissa and Marco to provide clinical support with the help of Edith and Blaire two of assistants work on roaster basis. For both Marissa and Marco, Sadie has developed a work plan respectively. For Marissa, she developed an art plan along with her and get involved with artwork with the motive of setting challenges and goals for the coming six months with a personality brief on Marissa’s need. The brief will help the supporter to know what tasks to practice with Marissa one by one to get the key objective done. The planning is made with the consent of Marissa. So there is a gap between her need and wish. Sadie outlined all the tasks to perform for the betterment of Marissa and achieve the goal of preparing macaroni meal and cheese, go for horse riding and movie with friends without any support worker. Another plan that was about to develop for future practice and betterment remained unfinished due to the unwillingness of Marco. Marco is more concerned about the present and prefers to do daily works. He expressed his desire to do short of peculiar activities as such going strip club and eating macaroni meal throughout the year. He is comparatively sharp in communicating and making plans than his sister Marissa. Without any care, he supposed to draw an unusual drawing and casual wish like a psychologically sound guy. Marco is found to be flexible in working with Sadie and all his desires she used to take positively apart from the last incident what made her thinking about ethical damage from a professional perspective. Marco was in the indecent website with a much awkward video which is quite surprising as he is not intellectually stable. Sadie became numbed and shared the situation one of her support worker Edith who was not in a situation to accept such practice during working hours and warning about the other staff in this regard. Edith was so seriously thinking about the intensity of such situation and was asking for setting limitations to properly deal with health and safety issue for early recovery of Marco. Sadie feels the dilemma of professionalism and ethical damage in case of Marco’s condition. As Edith is an elder support worker so Sadie put her concern on this issue to take on the appropriate decision. She studied on ethical dimension to get an insight of handling such situation. Above all it is her profession and ensuring ethics is a must respecting the agency policy. According to Kallman and Grillo, (2016), there are a few ethical dimensions that organizations are bound to assure, as such:
  • Health and safety employees are liable to promote and strives to protect the rights and health safety of patients.
  • Their responsibility is to establish, maintain and improve the healthy environment for early recovery.
  • Appropriate delegation of tasks is the prior concern for the workers and experts assigned to each patient.
Going through all these issues Sadie found a conflicting situation between Marco’s activities and health care policies. So she thought of digging deep and figured out the source and influence behind such actions. Sadie talked with Blair in this regard. Blair is the youngest worker in this field and was thought to be a good supporter for Marco to understand him as a male and support him well playing his father role. But when he was asked about the incident he was quite okay with is and justified the trait spontaneously. Sadie was shocked observing his boldness. She finds Blair quite open with Marco and Marco feels good being with him and doing health activities. Sadie has now strong suspicion on Blair to encourage Marco in surfing and learning about such sites. He was o stubborn to work for Marco with or without her consent even if in spare time. And he was quite comfortable to meet in clubs, talking nasty and play nonscheduled games with the client. So Sadie decided to take steps against him highlighting these two strong acts. Before that Edith informed the higher authority about Blair being worried about Marissa’s wellbeing. So an advocate named Cilla came to Sadie to know more about the situation and what steps are about to be taken in this regard. Sadie a smart pathologist did a study on this incident to gather information and measures to make complying with the organization’s policies. As she is the main of two supporters so she can not blame rather justify their individual position in dealing with Cilla. Sadie opined that after knowing the vulnerability of both Marissa and Marco’s intellectual condition, the appropriate working plan has been sorted out and in case of Marissa this is easy to articulate the plan accordingly but Marco is not supportive enough in execution. Thinking about the emotional state of Marco it is far negative for Marco’s disability as he has no stable knowledge about the effect of surfing porn online and going strip club where is not well enough to control himself. Kallman and Grillo, (2016) added that intellectual impairment is a condition where patients do not have the common sense of what is right and wrong and thinking capacity does not support often time. But according to ethical dimension health workers are bound to protect the right of patients as a human being and this sounds complex in the given scenario. Because if Marco is supported with his desire while treatment is going on and can not block his interest, in the long run, he might not come round at the estimated time or with probable outcome. On the other hand, Blair took this as simple from nonprofessionalism perspective which is right in a sense too. Sadie researched for the best way of dealing with such an incident wisely. So she decided to set boundaries in the working period both for the worker and the client to properly execute the planning. With this thought Marco smartness conflicts. As he is too sharp in thinking so it might not be easy to refrain him from doing according to his interest. So there need to prepare effective measures for keeping him away from such approaches. She even went to his friends to know more about his likings and activities. This helped her to plan a working schedule to keep Marco busy with productive activities and challenge his intellectuality he blessed with Here the writer presented another situation similar to this situation to get the information about best dealing options. In a care home, there are male dementia patients who were fascinated for alcohol and it was on regular basis and the frequency was so vast that he did even scream to take wine for 4 to 5 time per day. As he could not remember his words and activities so he supposed to insist very often time. The client was asking for his early recovery and proper treatment as his condition was deteriorating day by day. So the care home worker decided to make him remind of his past life memorizing those days, places and funs he did in his prior age to remove his concentration from alcohol. The health worker had to sit with experts for a meeting to find out the options in dealing with his condition and exploring the past life he spends through multiple conversations with his family members, peers, and friends. They had to be much cordial to recover that patient from his harmful habit. It was not easy for them to cooperate with a dementia patient they informed but their determination was strong and there was no alternative rather the elimination of such a habit to treat him properly. There was a lot of overtime in his case the worker had to do just to find out the emotional change and track the time of happening. From the case, Sadie picked up the most important factor is determination and organizational commitment each worker possess. So she started to consult with their mother an aged lady to get her opinion and support for her son specially and decided to approve some work restrictions in the working time and track them with closed circuit camera. She did not fire Blair rather punished him for his deeds. Sadie suggested Blair be friendly with Marco and bring out information about his other interest, places and the persons Marco loves to be with. And his mother was asked to be with him in some time to convert his attention from pornography and there set a time for mother and son where they supposed to cook together, walk together, shopping together. Sadie observed the change in Marco and his preferences day by day. She took the best decision without sacrificing professionalism and ethical aspects. Marco now found to be more productive and interested in doing outside activities like her sister and utilize his talent in good activities like painting, hunting and making the garden beautiful. These are the prior events that Sadie has experimented before sitting with the advocate Cilla. Because she is the representative of her health care agency and whatever she will say or opine will reflect the efficiency of the organization. What has to do to select the right approach to decision making. She selected the Utilitarian approach is making a decision which refers to do the best for maximum people and less harm along with in minor quantity. What she has done is punish Blair he deserved and figured out the options for Marco and his betterment. And to make a decision on practical mode Sadie followed several steps. These are:
  • Recognition of ethical issue
  • Get the facts
  • Evaluate alternative actions
  • Make a decision and test it
  • Act and reflect on the outcome.
As a pathologist and human being, Sadie did her best and successfully handle all the asking from the advocate end. She rushed to her root to discuss the situation first to know the policies and practice in such an exceptional case to accomplished. The agency had some say and put her on the direction and encouraged her to explore the case with confidential information too which was much needed that time deal with Marco’s condition. And she found it beneficial for Marissa as well. So would say with confidence that the agency intends to be more helpful to control such incident and monitor activity by respecting professionalism.  Sadie by modifying her team ethical practice has decided to explore the case to get the solution that fitted best for Marco.


Marissa and Marco’s case are way much exceptional and potential to arise in near future with other clients. And this type combination of personality and professionalism is hard to see to deal with cold blood. Sadie played her role at her best as a pathology, decision maker, superior of her supporter and as a human. Verily the disability needs a cordial hand and utmost attention to make a beloved person come round soon. And communication and experiment cannot be substituted with any other approach. All is need determination and critical management capacity to beat such situation.