1. Critical appraisal skills
  2. Ability to communicate


To prepare for this assignment you will need to progressively research and collect a wide range of literature relevant to the topic. You will need to draw on a wide range of credible published literature to inform the development of your poster and which will

allow you to provide an in-depth, informative and educational piece of work.

Students will need to develop skill in concisely representing complex information and choosing relevant information to include in the poster.

Assignment Instructions

Poster: choose a major theory which is covered in this unit and prepare a poster which demonstrates the following;

  • The key concepts of the theory
  • Some major research which has supported or refuted the theory
  • How the theory is positioned in relation to the three key debates in the field of human development; nature versus nurture,

Continuity versus discontinuity and universal versus culturally determined.


  • The Growin family member for whom the theory has the most relevance

This means the student must choose a family member and briefly indicate why the theory could be utilised for thinking about the issues for that person.


Students must make reference to national and international

Peer reviewed literature in constructing their poster. Websites that are not peer reviewed are not suitable as sources of information as you need to access good research sources. One of the

A purpose of the development of the poster is to gain skills in evaluating and critically reading research literature.

. Students will be expected to look beyond the text book for the unit and

This should not be used as a primary source for the presentation.

Students need to provide a list of references. This list must include 10 – 12 good, scholarly and/or peer reviewed references.


Marking criteria (see Appendix B for more detail)

Content, accuracy, information, clarity 15

Educative and engaging 10

Creativity of poster design 5