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Organizational behavior refers to the analysis of the changing attitudes of individuals and their actions in association with the organization. In terms of ensuring efficiency in the workplace all the employees must be accustomed with the organizational culture, policies and practices. There should be a strong connection between the organizational objectives and employee performance as they are the main workforce and their contributions bring success for the organization. There is a close relationship among employee motivation, cooperation and effective work performance. In this report different factors that influence the organizational behavior such as culture, politics and power of organization will be discussed. The evaluation of organizational behavior is very important and there are a lot of assignments regarding this and AssignmentHero provides you the best Organizational Behavior Assignments at the best price.

What is the main theme of Organizational Behavior? 

In an organizational context organizational behavior is an important factor that helps to define the expectation of the employees and their perception. Employees are a vital part of an organization and when they are satisfied with the organization’s connectivity with them they become more motivated and committed to the organization. Organizational behavior helps the business to ensure such a working environment and culture where employees can share their feelings, values and objectives with others and utilize the opportunity for self-development.

Organizational Behavior refers to the practice of authority inside the organization for making positive impact. It includes the involvement of power and networking. Organizational politics can be of two types; positive politics and negative politics. Positive politics tries to encourage employees through image building, employee recognition, complementing etc. On the other hand negative politics only considers personal gain without considering the organizational perspective. Wrong information, hindrance on internal communication, rumors and conflicts are parts of negative politics in the organization.

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