Development of strategies to teach children in an effective way

The way in which the teachers teaches the children is the most important thing that has a great impact on them. The students learn and follow those things which the teachers tell them. The look of effective teaching is effortless. The effective way of teaching is inspiring and a memorable one. The students are always in active engagement with their thinking, brings creative ideas and find out the ways to solve the complex tasks. So, the teacher plays an important role to provide clear feedback that gives support and extend the learning of the student.

Literature Review:

Role of teachers to polish the children:

The teachers are the one who plays an important role in the life of children. The relationship between the student and teacher is so different and special. The teachers give shape to the ideas and thinking of their students. They put their efforts into illustrating, elaborating, modeling, guiding and assessing the students (Thielking, Sala, & Flatau, 2017). The effective teaching remains in the memory of the students who witness and experience it. In present times, the role of the teacher is considerably different than they used to be. In the past time, the teachers were assigned by a specific topic to teach and give a set of rules that how to teach them by the use of the same techniques for all the students. But in the present century, the role of the teacher is simply multilayered. Their task includes the counseling of the students, gives them assistance in guiding that how to make use of their knowledge in an effective way and implement in their lives in the best manner so that they become the valuable members of the society.

According to the Australian Professional Standards for Teacher today’s teaching profession is bringing out various rules to promote education. The teachers work with colleagues, politicians and the members of the community to bring clear and effective standards for their students. They make participation in the decision making which gives them assistance to deal with problems that have an impact on the learning of the students. There is some institution in Australia that mentor the new teachers to gives teaching to the students in a meaningful way (Forlin, 2010).

How to Overcome Individual Differences in Classroom:

There is a large number of ways in which a teacher would overcome the individual differences in personality development of the children and some of the ways are as under:

  • Consideration of each child’s need:

From a large number of ways, the consideration the needs of each individual are very important. The teacher must have to understand the interests of the child which means what the student is thinking and what they need for them. The children can only do their best in the field and the things in which they have a great interest.

  • Appreciation of Individual Child’s Advancement:

If the child does their best in the task and gives the best outcome then they expect some kind of appreciation in the response (Pezaro, 2016). So, every teacher should see the efforts of each child in an individual way and praise them for their work. In this way the confidence of the child boosts up an in the future they will do more work with the more improvement.

  • Division of tasks:

It is the responsibility of every teacher to observe their child and must know the abilities they are blessed with. After observing them the teachers have to assign those tasks to the students which they can do them in the perfect way and he has the ability to do it (Westwood, 2016). From this way, the students also make use of their skills and abilities in the best way to fulfill these tasks.

  • Assist children to learn at their own pace:

In the Australian Professional Standards for Teacher, this is also mentioned that the teachers should give assistance to their students so that they can learn at their own pace. The teachers should give time to the student individually so that they can easily ask questions and share their problems with you (Masters, 2015).

  • Extra Teaching to Slow Learners:

Every student in the class is different from the other. Some have a great mind that can easily pick up the things and shows the results in a very fast time. But others are slow who take some time to get the proper understanding of the things. So, in this the role of the teachers is very important and which is the assistance of the slow learners. The teachers should give some extra time and guidance so they can go with the other students in the class and gives the best results that the other students present. 

Skills for Engaging Students in Learning Activities:

In the engagement of the student in the learning activities it is very important to understand the engagement with an activity as being shows by the good behavior which is referred to as the behavioral engagement, positive feelings which is said to be emotional meeting and the most important one is the thinking of the students which is named as cognitive engagement.

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