Advocating on behalf of a group of young


On behalf of group of imprisoned people, this report is to bring your attention on the isuue of cancellation of the fund proving for their full time employment opportunity whereas this funding was a great help to place the individuals in a full-time job.  By considering the following words, it is requested to rethink and review the decision of withdrawal of this funding.

Demonstrated ability to develop and articulate a sound and rational/logical argument on behalf of your client/target group.

On behalf of the group of people who spent minimum 1 year in custody and are under the age of 30, it is being stated that they are already deprived of having a good position in society again as they were in custody for a period of time (Knaus, 2017). For a long period of time until last year there was a supportive group of people or agency which was responsible to give them support and assistance where necessary to get a full-time job. But as from now on this funding has been stopped and they are not going to get this benefit or support again, it is almost certain that this group of people will pass a difficult time to survive and retain a good position in here Australian society again. Because the people who pass a time whether it is for short or long time in custody or jail survive a lot to regain the sound position in society and can fall into a depression which may lead them to another crime to do (Elliott, 2018). Or they can fall into the trap by other people because of their helplessness; people may take advantage of their poverty and powerlessness which will be a cause of another crime to build up. 

So, this type of help should not be stopped for this type of group of people who are already suffering from getting a good position in their society.

  1. Demonstrated ability to identify and present the negative consequences of the proposed action by the deciding body.

Negative consequences of the proposed action:

  • The young less than 30 years old group of people may head towards depression as they will have a difficult and challenging time to get a new job or an earning source (, 2018).
  • They may find it easy to fall into another crime to get the fulfillment of their need or basic need.
  •  Falling into crime again will make them head to jail or custody again according to the law of Australia.
  • People may take advantages of their helplessness which can lead them further powerlessness and depression and the result may lead them to suicide.
  • Without getting a job after this type of period of a lifetime, a person cannot accept him/her and cannot regain the respect and meaning of life (ABC News, 2018).

Demonstrated ability to identify and present argument on the positive benefits for the target group

  • This custody outing young people will get not only monetary support but they will also get mental support and courage in getting the job and doing the job if the prisoners benefit in Australia is encouraged.
  • The supportive agency or group of people who basically make this work done for this young people also get some facility or employment opportunity which also gives contribution in their life.
  • These young group of people does not feel helpless while they get support from an agency thinking that they are not alone or less important to the nation and can contribute in social life other people in the country.
  1. Demonstrated ability to identify and articulate broader community benefits of a decision reversal.

Broader community benefits of a decision reversal:

If the decision gets changed there are some effects which can result in the broader community in benefits. These are given below:

  • First of all, the benefits which they will get individually and for a short period of time certainly will stand with a big amount after several years as the people who are getting this monetary benefit will surely invest and this will rise (, 2018).
  • The benefit giving medium or the agency will have a benefit through their salary or commission which also reduces the unemployment and increases employment opportunity which in return again becomes a cause of national income increment and GDP growth for Australia.
  • If this group of young age people can be used in the development of a country the demographic dividend would be gained and country which can make the best use of demographic dividend can certainly do well in future and economic certainty can achieve in our country.
  1. Demonstrated ability to develop and present a persuasive argument

Persuasive argument:

This young age person must be used to ensure our country’s utilization of the human resources. They made crime or wrong in past but as they have punished and trained according to their ability, the best use of their ability must be ensured which will not only provide benefit to this specific group of people but also contribute in society and in the country in return with a high volume as well. 

So, in thinking the both-sided advantages this funding should not be stopped rather it should be encouraged and invested more than in the past.

  1. demonstrated use of appropriate evidence to support the submission

Evidence to support the submission:

Different types of the previous report published in Australia show that this type of group of people while deprived of getting supportive materials or assistance get ahead of another crime to survive in the society and ignorance lead them depression which may stand as a reason of suicide. In opposite, when they get mental and monetary support also feel encouraged to do well further and in the future (Topics, 2018). Various report of previous data and evidence proved that. And we cannot let a large number of groups of people to an uncertain future. Rather we can utilize their ability to make a more developed Australia. 


The young age population is an asset to our country, Australia and they must not be wasted. Their ability and intelligence must be utilized. Though they are the people of a certain group which cannot be seen as a best group of people, if they are trained after their punishment period and supported, they can success and country also can get benefited by utilizing their ability. So, this kind of facility should not be stopped for them.

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