Development of strategies to teach children in an effective way

Make it Meaningful:

Australian Professional Standards for Teacher mention this skill is one of the most important things that the students perceive the things in a meaningful way. The research has shown that if the students do not take the activity of learning important for Tehri time and effort they will not succeed in engaging in activity in a satisfactory way. To make sure that the actions are generally meaningful the teachers can connect the students with Tehri previous knowledge and experience and brings prominence in the value of an assigned action in personally related ways.

  • Provision of Autonomy Support:

The teachers have to understand the autonomy support in the means of encouraging the sense of control of the students over their behaviors and goals. When the teachers give up control to the students without losing their power instead of promoting compliance with commands so as a result of that the engagement of the students is likely to increase a great time. The implementation of the autonomy support by the different ways and these are as under:

  • Welcome the opinions and thinking of the students in the flow of action.
  • Make the use of informational and non-controlling language with the children.
  • Give some time to the students they need to get proper understanding and make the observance of the actions by themselves.
  • Development of the Positive Relation of Student and Teacher:

In every engagement, the relation of the student and teachers matters a lot. The quality of the relationship of the student and teacher is a vital factor in determining the engagement of the student especially in the case when the students are linked to the background of the socioeconomic. When the student builds a close and strong relationship with their teachers from this way, they are fulfilling their growth needs to make a connection with others. The relation of the student and teacher can be promoted in the following ways:

  • To take care of the social and emotional needs of the students.
  • Shows positive behavior and interest.
  • Spend more time with the students and understand their needs.
  • Treat every student in a fairway.
  • The teachers should bring avoidance in the breaking of the promise you made with the students.
  • Adopt a Sense of Competence:

The factor of competence is very important in the engagement of the students in the activities. There are many types of research which show that if we perform the activity in an effective way this has a positive impact on the engagement. For the development of the sense of competence related to the activities of learning in the student the activities are as follows:

  • This includes the feedback which is very important in the progress of the student.
  • Shows the various models of peer copying for the students who are in struggling in succeeding the activity.
  • Brings Collaborative Learning:

The style of collaborative learning is one of the important styles of engagement in the activity of learning. When the students complete their work in the efficient way their engagement in the task increase with the passage of time and they start to involve more and more in the task. There is a large number of strategies are implemented in the group to make them effective. In this way, the students get to know how to communicate and behave in that condition.

Skills Required to Build a Strong Connection with Home Environment:

To make the students more confident and creative it is very important to make a perfect relationship with their environment of the home and the other persons involved in the environment. There are many skills and some of them are written below:

  • Brings a sense of security:

For the students to feel more confident and safer there should be the presence of a sense of security that they get from the environment of their home and the people from their surroundings. If the students feel some kind of security then they can think better and brings a large number of ideas. So, it is the role of the parents to make the environment of their home better so that a student can feel more confident.  

  • Students Transfer and Adapt What They Have Learned:

When students make an engagement with the learning and develop the various skills such as repeat, mirror and go through the doings of the others either at that or after some time make links between experiences, concepts and the procedures. The teachers play the most important role in this to promote the learning when they observe that children make the application of the learning in the new and creative ways, they talk about them in various ways that make the student more confident and brings some sense of growth in them. From this way, there is a sense of security and confidence develop in the student which pushes that to involve with the environment so in this way they get the success.

Legislative Requirements:

According to the Australian Professional Standards for Teacher there are many requirements which have to be fulfilled. They set many standards for teachers to follow so that the process of learning of the students goes in an effective way. Some of the standards are as under:

  • The teachers have to bring the various strategies in their style of learning which support the participation of the students with the absence of ability in the best way (Moore & Clarke, 2013).
  • The teachers have brought some variations in the style of teaching which fulfills the specific learnings of the students which pass through the full range of skills.
  • One of the most important things which the teachers have to follow is the knowledge that how students understand the things in an effective way. The teacher should observe the children and thinks that what thing is easy for them.


It concludes that in the development of the children the teacher plays the most important role who understands the students and brings the various ways so they the student can grab the various teachings in an easy manner. The teacher observes their student and then assign the task according to their mental capability. For the student who picks up the things in a slow manner, the teachers cooperate with them and give them some extra time and class so that specific students can go with the whole class. It is very important for the students to make a good relation with the home environment and the people in their surroundings. From this way, they feel more confident and make the use of their ideas to bring something new which show their mental capability too. The reaction of student and teacher is very important in all that journey.

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