Identify four (3) areas where you can research to evaluate current policy trends

Australia is one of the 37 countries in the list of OECD (Organization of Economic Development), which focuses on the socio economic development of these countries. Early Childhood Education and care Policy project, is one of the major research project of the OECD, which aims at providing education and basic childhood care to underprivileged children all across the globe (Kogan, 2018). As per survey reports, it has been seen that children aged between 0-6 years of age who dwell below the poverty line, form the most oppressed strata of the society. Minority children are growing at high rates due to high rates of fertility among the downtrodden strata of the society. Thus, the socio economic conditions of these families along with these children are suffering rapid downfall. In such a scenario, the CEO’s of these intergovernmental organizations have a major role to play.

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Board or Committee of Management:  The major role of the Board or Committee of Management is to identify the major areas that require maximum attention. These include the physical and mental health of these underprivileged children, the kind of nutrition they receive and the basic educational facilities that are available for these children.
  • Selection of CEO: The CEO of any organization is the leader and a major driving for the organization. The CEO should be extremely innovative and constantly work on improving the facilities that are provided to these children, so that they can avail the best nutrition and best education at the cheapest prices (Dror, 2017). They must also ensure that the workflow is properly maintained and children all over the nation receive equal importance and personal care is provided to each of them to best suit their needs.
  • Performing day-to-day activities: The day to day activities of the organization must target all the areas of concern in all the parts of the nation with equal importance and well trained individuals must be involved in the organization, who can design the diet charts for these downtrodden children in accordance with their nutritional requirements and provide them with the best education.

Strategic direction: The strategies for developing the education system and the care giving systems, must be such that they can best cater to the needs of the children and provide them with the best facilities at the cheapest prices (Shapiro. and Stefkovich, 2016).

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