Research Paper: Aiming to Select a Researchable Topic

A research paper is a part of academic courses that every students have come across either in their high schools, colleges or at universities. Research paper is something that intends to educate you with the all-encompassing sights of a topic. It is designed to expand the range of your knowledge. The actual purpose of this of these papers is to assess your expertise for your next level degrees. For your master’s degree and doctoral courses you need to construct a high quality research paper. 

What is Research?

Research is a detailed study of a specific problem or concern using different techniques with the qualitative or quantitative or both data. In the broadest sense, research is a detailed work that includes any gathering of data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge.  The area of research paper is vast. Again, research is a process of steps used to collect and analyze information and analyze accordingly to increase our understanding of a topic or issue and to form an outcome. The given definition shows that research is a systematic way to study on a particular issue backed up by sufficient amount of evidence to get the solution. Research provides a detail scenario and helps to generate new ideas as well as to improve the current service. Research enhances the learning of a student on gathering information and helps to evaluate and improve performance when it is needed. Research courses are designed to generate scholars for the society. 

How to Start a Research Paper?

To start the research paper first you need to choose a topic of your own interest. Sometimes your course instructor will select a topic for you otherwise you are asked to select a topic by your own. In the topic selection phase, you should be more concerned about the availability of the background information of that topic. Otherwise it will be very difficult for you work on it. You need to take a wise decision in terms of selecting your research topic. It is an open challenge for you to discover something new with the help of published documents and to present your own creation in front of your audience. 

Don’t choose a general topic or don’t make your research topic too extensive. You need to choose a topic that is unique and that expresses the main idea with less words. The main concept should be short, specific and to the point. For example if your selected topic is “Green Banking”, you can rename your research topic to “Significance of Green Banking” or “Green Banking for Environmental Management”.  When your research outline is ready, it becomes easier for you to start working on that topic without wasting much time on the idea generation. 

Your researchable topics should have the following criteria: 

  • Choose a topic that really interests you
  • Try to gather as much information as you can
  • Try to hold your own way of writing skills
  • Follow the instructions provided by your course instructor
  • Try to solve the specific problem and draft the outcome

Research paper provides the preview of the works and the reasons of it being analyzed. It provides a summary of what are the learning objective of the research contented with the collection and presentation of documents. It is a step by step process to solve different problems and find out the required solution. The research subject is a number of straightforward statements, made clearly outlining the nature of the project to be designed and documented.

5 Key Steps of Your Research Paper

Research subject needs sufficient relevant data to draw a proper conclusion. There are some basic key steps for systematic research, the steps are as follows:

  1. Data Collection: Data collection refers to process of collecting, gathering and measuring information using different variables to establish a systematic outcome. Data source are broadly classified into two categories, primary data and secondary data. Data is one of the vital part of research study. Primary data refers to the original data that has not been published yet. It is more reliable and authentic. Primary data provides more reliability and validity than secondary data. Survey, questionnaire, observation, interview are the primary source of data. On the other hand secondary data are the data that are readily available and collected beforehand. Secondary data can be gathered from many sources. Literature, survey reports, Database and information system are the sources that provides secondary data. Books, journals, e-journals, published printed sources, different information sites are the most used sources. The collected information should be relevant and reliable, thus a proper result will come out. When the full work is done, the sources must be attached with the detailed work. 
  1. Literature Review: It the summary of the whole paper. Literature review searches and evaluates the available literature in the research work. It documents the conducted survey, summarizes the collected information, critically analyzes the information, and shows the literature in an organized way.
  1. Methodology: In this part systematical and theoretical analysis of data has been conducted. In this research methodology primary data has been analyzed and all other data are properly implemented.
  1. Analyzing Research Data: After collecting the data, all the data needs to be analyzed thoroughly with a view to finding out the exact information. Data analysis is done with the help of statistical tools which will provide more accurate information for the research topic. 
  1. Referencing: Referencing provides the idea of the relevant sources that have been used in the project work. It also provides legality to the usage of other’s idea or quotes. It is important to give proper referencing for a clear idea about sources.

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