A stroke is a cerebrovascular condition that leads to a sudden death of brain cells. This is due to lack of oxygen mainly by blockage of blood flow or rupture of an artery to the brain. It’s the fifth leading cause of death in the United States of America. There are three main types of stroke; haemorrhagic,ischemic and transient ischemic attack. Each type requires different treatment and rapid diagnosis is therefore important to reduce fatalities (Lomagno, 2018).
The day was like any other ordinary day for a typical citizen save for the sharp headache I had. I’ve gotten migraines before so I didnt think much of it. Strange enough moving out of bed proved itself hard as I almost fell down, again I blamed that on vertigo. Nevertheless, I pushed myself, showered, dressed up ready to go to work. The headache was still persistent. (George Scola, 2015) It was when I was headed downstairs, when my limbs became numb and I stopped walking straight. I grabbed the wall in effort to try to regain my balance but something with my eyes and I suddenly couldnt recognize it; a condition called agnosia. My husband who had realized something was amiss and rushed to call 9-1-1, at that point there was an evident struggle in speech: its like forcing words out of ones mouth. Thank heavens, the emergency response was as quick to rush me to the nearby health care center.
A weakened blood vessel had ruptured and filled the surrounding tissue with blood. I spent two days in the intensive care unit and the next three weeks in a rehabilitation Centre. What a trying moment it was to my family and I! And I must say, it’s advisable to be comfortable and honest with your doctors and therapists to re-learn maximally the basic functions.
As necessary as it was to relearn the basic functions; it was equally frustrating. One goes from an adult to a childlike version of themselves, and you cant help but feel like a burden to your family. I returned home and continued therapy at an outpatient facility. For the longest time possible I had an array of emotions; one moment youre high and just happy to be on your recovery journey, the next moment worry is almost drowning you. Moreover, such emotions then make it fertile for depression to thrive in. Its more of a rollercoaster experience (cdc, November 14, 2019) My family has encouraged me on my path to a healthier life. I have made effort to change my eating habits to heart –healthy alternatives. I get checked up regularly something I didnt like doing formerly. I’ve signed up for physical therapy again in hope to be strong enough to resume normalcy. I’m now keen to monitor my blood pressure and take medicine as prescribed.
All in all, start making small changes NOW; Quit smoking if you can, exercise, eat healthy, control your blood pressure. These small changes are what makes a difference.
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