Assignment on Sales Pitch

What is Sales Pitch?
A Sales pitch is also termed as a sales presentation. It refers to a line of talk that is aimed at to persuade something or someone to believe or buy what they are offering. It is a sales presentation strategy related to a service or a product that is planned to initiate and close the sale of the service or product (Halper, 2016).
Types of Sales Pitch
Following are main types of sales pitch:

  1. The One-Word Sales Pitch
    Here one tries to persuade something or someone to believe or buy what they are offering with one-word. For someone it might seems silly but, we have example of famous brands. They might have a single word name but, their single word name persuade us to believe or buy what they are offering. Take an example of one-word pitch “flywheel” used by HubSpot. Similarly, one-word pitch used by the president Obama during re-election of 2012 was “forward” (Brudner, 2018).
  2. The Question Sales Pitch
    Here someone tries to persuade something or someone to believe or buy what they are offering with a question. This type of sales pitch strategy is effective where buyer have complete understanding regarding value of the service or the product. For example, a single statement can be used in a sales pitch where prospect buyer is told that their costs would reduce with strategic outsourcing. However, under the question sales pitch strategy the prospect buyer is questioned whether a strategic outsourcing would reduce their costs (Brudner, 2018).
  3. The Rhyming Sales Pitch
    Here someone tries to persuade something or someone to believe or buy what they are offering with “rhyming”. Under this sales pitch strategy rhyming statements are used because, studies have found that the rhyming statements are considered more accurate even though they have same meaning as non-rhyming statements (Brudner, 2018).
  4. The Subject Line Sales Pitch
    Here someone tries to persuade something or someone to believe or buy what they are offering with “subject line”. This strategy is effective particularly in an e-mail sales pitch. Effective subject line sales pitch have a subject line with curiosity, utility, and specificity characteristics (Brudner, 2018).
  5. The Twitter Sales Pitch
    Here someone tries to persuade something or someone to believe or buy what they are offering with a Twitter. The sales pitch is done within 140 words. In the tweet, the main characteristics of an offering are highlighted within a tweet (Brudner, 2018).
  6. The Pixar Sales Pitch
    Here someone tries to persuade something or someone to believe or buy what they are offering with a “Pixar”. Under this sales pitch strategy, Pixar such as “once upon a time”, “everyday”, “one day”, etc. are used in the sales pitch. For example, the sales pitch can be started as “Once upon a time, staffing agencies struggled to find the quality talent they needed” (Brudner, 2018).
    How to Conduct an Effective Sales Pitch?
  7. Find the perfect hook
    If you plan to email your sales pitch, it is imperative to make the perfect topic line. The way to attract the buyer’s attention is your subject line or opening word. It’s the difference between reading your client or just ignoring your pitch. Inspired by the above points, your hook must relate to the needs of your buyer and communicate your business history. You can successfully engage and persuade your customers to read both aspects (MacDonald, 2019).
  8. Solve the problem
    You will have to explain how you can support them when you have convinced your customer to read your pitch. You know that your purchaser is facing a common issue that can solve its product or service? Directly address your buyer’s questions in your written pitch. Focus on how the problem can be resolved by your product or service. Through addressing the problem, the clients will see that their needs have been addressed and that the solution has been identified (MacDonald, 2019).
  9. Back it up with facts
    A Dimension Research survey found that 90% of respondents said that their buying decisions have been affected by positive online reviews. In view of this statistic, the pitch must be loaded with facts and data to support your claims. Be sure to provide evidence and case studies, including statistics and figures to demonstrate your product’s success or service, when you write your sales pitch. Show them how with facts if you claim to solve your purchaser’s main problems (MacDonald, 2019).
  10. Ask for the sale
    You now need a presentation to resolve the issues with your customer, explain that your product or service provides a solution and back up your claim with facts and statistics. ncredibly, 85% of the interactions between salespeople and prospects end without the sales person ever asking for the sale. By now, you’ve convinced your prospective customer of the brilliance of what you’re offering and next up is how they can take advantage of your product or service. Do they need to click a link to your website? Or pick up the phone and call you directly? Don’t be shy to ask for the sale. You’ve come this far, so why stop now? Whatever action is required; make it clear with a well-written call to action (MacDonald, 2019).
  11. Short and sweet does the trick
    It is essential the duration of your pitch. If too long, the customer is likely to lose interest and not read on. If this is too long. However, it is likely that your written pitch will remain of interest to your purchaser right through to the end. Based on the client, the amount of words you use varies. Try to be strict with your word count to prevent overloading of information, which will cause your buyers to pitch (MacDonald, 2019).
  12. Grammar and spell check
    Finally, don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar once you have written your sales pitch. Nothing is worse than a few glitches that could be patched before you press send. It will be time to send it to your buyer once you’ve checked through the written pitch. Remember to adapt and make your own pitch as personally as possible for each individual (MacDonald, 2019).
  13. Don’t forget to follow-up
    A recent study found that 70% of e-mail communications end unless a prospect answers the first e-mail. Nonetheless, if the first e-mail is unsubscribed, you will get a reply of 21 percent. Such figures show the importance of an email following the initial pitch for sales (MacDonald, 2019).
    Remember, ditch the traditional pitch idea and keep an eye on your individual buyer’s needs. Say your company history and achievements and endorse the facts and statistics for your products and services. Work hard to get your audience engaged and you will surely find a winning formula for closing all potential pitches.

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