Case Study

Harry is an 83-year-old Indigenous resident of an aged care organisation you work for. You are largely responsible for his care and support. Harry recently entered the residential care home because his wife Mary was unable to adequately care for him anymore. Harry has severe arthritis, incontinence, early onset dementia, and some hearing loss.
Case defines conditions and treatments in case of hearing loss, dementia and incontinence including severe arthritis. This case defines developing relationships with patient, to cater and treat with spiritual and cultural practices, issues of patient related to confidential cases and privacy issues, empowering patient, making him decision maker, controlling his attitudes and values based on his diseased behaviour. This case tried its best to guide and support patient in case of combination of diseases. Case defines understanding behaviour of patient and its best possible treatments at old age home along with treatment facilities

  1. How you would develop a relationship with Harry.
    Healthcare team need to understand the culture and behaviour of elderly people more as compare to a sensible patient, special training and skills are required to care for aged people. Developing relationship is more difficult in case of dementia. This case of harry who is 83 years old having hearing loss, dementia, early onset, incontinence and severe arthritis. There must be friendly relationship with harry, first of all need to make him realise that you are just for his care and it’s your duty. You may also build your trust that you never compromise on your duty. For this purpose, you need to understand and address all problems of harry (normally important or not) but need to observe that what is important for Harry. These think will sure help you to develop relationship with Harry
  2. How you would find out about and cater to Harry’s cultural and spiritual practices and beliefs.
    Evidences suggested that religious, cultural, spiritual believes always helpful to understand and communicate at any age. It always provides positive benefits but also in some cases negative or mixed consequences to physical and mental health. To understand background of Harry will surely help to cater his soul but most important thing to understand that on which concept he believes strongly (Gabriel & Bowling, 2004b). Spiritual practices and believes can change his mind without any hindrance of environmental thoughts. You may provide environment alike Harry enjoyed most in his life. This will surely feed his soul towards positive things. On the other side, in term of ignoring his thoughts and wishes may mean for distributive respect and justice.
  3. Deal with the issue of confidentiality/ privacy.
    Trust of confidentiality and privacy always heart you if some breaks its rules in your life. You should work to build trust and confidence in health care and nursing duty. On the basis that customers keep their personal information private, they should be respected and maintained. If you need to share information, you must act responsibly at the discretion of the expert (Toepoel, 2013). There are many exceptions where confidential information is required to be disclosed. If required by law, you may be required to share sensitive information to protect the interests of patient, protect the interests of the community, or protect the interests of others. In case of Harry, he need full support and trust related to this case.
  4. Potential enablers and disablers.
    Potential enables include all necessary medicines gentle yoga or char yoga, assisting with meal and cocking but if Harry is totally enable than full fledge cock should be provided. Going for daily walk, visiting botanical or arboretum gardens, moderate and low impact weight lifting reasonably at the age of 80 plus, watching TV shows or live gaming (Galesic, Gigerenzer, & Straubinger, 2009). Disablers consist of all bearers and cautions that must be in list while taking care of old age people, excessive meal, diet more than normal, reasonable exercise, avoiding loneliness and giving time for talking their interests. All these thinks can feel them young and tension free should be provided to Harry and all other seniors like Harry.
  5. How you would involve Harry in his own care.
    By watching interesting TV commercial, specific adds and effortless mechanic guidelines can help Harry to look after himself. Take a daily routine of waking up, changing clothes, changing toilets, brushing your teeth, taking drugs, drinking, exercising and sleeping, giving order and security to your loved ones.
    You can also be more efficient and autonomous and can be part of the process of planning and decision making (Gott, Hinchliff, & Galena, 2004). You will be allowed to choose your hobbies and tasks when you know you have time to exercise or something to do between 2 pm and 3:30pm for leisure activities. Are you planning a trip to your old movies to feature your loved ones ‘ favourite classics? First, make sure you’ve got a wheelchair ramp or an easy way to get to the building for people with disabilities or disease. Unfortunately, only buildings built after 1992 had an accessible ramp for wheelchairs.
    If it is impossible to avoid exiting abnormally with your loved ones, anger and dissatisfaction will result. Call your destination before you depart, ask for connectivity and note that not all routes are equal.
  6. How you would empower Harry.
    Aging process is exacerbated by obstacles to social isolation that make it harder to get out and connect with others. It will be a meeting with engineering aid to help a loved one with a disability. Harry need support of his loved ones, if possible, connect online with family and friends. Maybe with their grandchildren they set up a weekly Skype video call. Or use Facebook to link, view pictures, messages, comments and views with family and old friends. The Internet is a great way to find and interact with people with disabilities. His family may visit on daily or weekly basis to support him. The secret to helping old patient people become a smoother and more practical way of inspiring their loved ones. At home, reflective tapes, bars and other patches and devices can help the elderly with movement disorders (Walters, Iliffe, & Orrell, 2001). It not only gives people with disabilities time to focus on more meaningful activities by simplifying daily tasks or difficult tasks, but it also increases the sense of self-confidence and autonomy that may accompany aging.
  7. How you would refrain from imposing your own values and attitudes on Harry.
    Own values and attitude does not have much worth when some agreed on job even knowing your duties and responsibilities in-depth. Most of thing while caring for old person, you need to ignore for patient even he abuses you verbally, just avoid physical damages and to defend yourself.
  8. How you would help Harry to express his own identity.
    Harry need to be courageous and brave, Harry should define himself like successful person in his life, he may adopt some department which can batter express his role like teacher, motivational speaker or experiences businessman etc. just only living in old age house and spending your last days of life can demand your self-esteem and character
  9. Ways you would adjust services to meet Harry’s specific needs and preferences.
    Meeting specific needs and preferences is most important for living batter life. Normally old age home has specific time and duties of personals while taking responsibilities and care of old people. Here at this point organization have tools and techniques to adjust new entrant into their time table and schedule. Prepared routine and life style should be ready for Harry to support experienced measures of care and living.
  10. Duty of care responsibilities you might have when caring for Harry.
    A person working for care and nursing for old age people need more experiences and skills as compare to those who normally care in hospitals to adults and young ones. Here Harry is an old man at the age of 83 with diseases. He need special care, there must be training and patience skills for caring. Necessary equipment for caring old age, time table for food, exercise and entertainment.
  11. How you would explain Harry’s rights to him, including the right to lodge complaints.
    There should be openly displayed right and duties of both persons. Harry’s right need to be memorised him in regular class type session, there could be written pad near bad of harry, or some type of recording that could be reminder for Harry on daily, weekly or monthly basis (Olphert & Damodaran, 2013). Complaints system must be quick and responsive in case of old aged persons, they need immediate response on call, an on duty person may take daily feedback on care and medicine process to make complaints process easy and understandable. Harry’s right must be known to him to get proper response from nursing persons.
  12. What you would do if you suspected another worker was physically abusing Harry.
    Physically abusing someone is a crime, there must be critical hearing and casing in court if someone physically abuses Harry and other patients like him. There must be court decision on that normal worker. On other side you may take decision as per caring centre policy to get patient satisfied upon his will and power. You have make your patient powerful to that extend he/she can complaint upon any type of misconduct or abusive activity. At the end Harry can forgive to that person but this must be last option to avoid further abusive behaviour. Fine or penalty could be imposed on that person rather than physically punishment.
  13. How you would encourage and help Harry to engage as actively as possible in living activities, using aids and modifications when necessary.
    To encourage and support these people there are necessary training courses that can encourage and guide old persons to involve in activities, video games and prototypes of interesting activities, depending on their health and physical structure trainers can provide living activities such as play land and indoor games can indulge old people in healthy activities. Adds and modifications according to desire of patient could batter improve their interest and safety measures. Trainers can know Harry’s favourite supports and games, they can provide regular opportunities to Harry to involve in interesting activities and performances on ground and place.
  14. Changes associated with ageing that Harry is experiencing.
    There might be neglecting and ignoring behaviour of Harry’s wife in some cases upon which caring organization provide him batter facilities and treatment. There might be differences in love and care between organization and his wife, a sincere wife is always a positive and healthy sign of man’s life. Harry may miss her in caring and facilitating (Olphert & Damodaran, 2013). Organization may provide everything on time but her old wife may not be able to deliver all things on time, so many cases and aspects upon which harry can be happy, so organization must try their best to provide him happiness in his life.
  15. Stereotypes and myths that you should avoid subscribing to when caring for Harry.
    Stereotypes related to his hating and bad attitude must be avoided at this last stage of his age. To live long one must be happy in his live, misconceptions always creates disappointments and negligence in routine life. Myths are more important as compare to stereotypes, some myths in favour of patient can encourage him to live long, such as “Harry was an excellent football player at his school age”. His good habits and abilities must be in front of him in positive way. While admiring some current situations, there must be a reminder from Harry’s past to encourage him positive and bright living in current time period.
  16. The healthy lifestyle practices Harry should adopt.
    Regular easy exercise, daily walk, book reading, gardening, little bit exposure of jungle life, daily involvement of supports commentary related to his interest, newspapers, healthy balances meal of personal choice, targeting some rewards on maintaining regular schedules of organizations.
    In fact, a research review led by Minnie Jacob, who conducted the study during her PhD, indicates that it is not possible to rule out the association between a healthy lifestyle and a minimum age of impairment.
    Jacob and his colleagues look back over 25 years of data collection. Participants are people over the age of 65 and at the beginning of the study there was no home or wheelchair contingent (Means, 2007).
    There was a distribution of participants across four counties. Research has shown that people with a healthy lifestyle have a longer life expectancy than non-healthy people and fewer years of sickness.
  17. Risks Harry is vulnerable to and how you would respond to them.
    Even at an early age, lack of physical activity, regular exercise, and lack of food may lead to high blood pressure, heart and cardiovascular disease, lack of sexual activity, and health-related quality of life.
    Therefore, as an elderly person, it is important to recognize the changes in our age in order to better understand the value of a healthy lifestyle (Gabriel & Bowling, 2004a). You should not be disappointed if you are aware of the changes.
    These changes in life are physical as well as emotional. We struggle psychologically with our loved ones, with our career and with the lack of freedom. Physically, when we were young, our bodies are not as tired as we were. A good and satisfying life is still within reach amid these changes.
    Try to identify their anger’s root causes. It’s not easy to print a system. This can lead to a relapse in older people with severe pain, loss of friends, memory problems, and any other neglect associated with aging. These behaviours can also be caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. It is important to note that patients are unable to fully control their language and behaviour in people with dementia. The best thing you can do as a caregiver is not to take it personally. Reflect on the positive, forget the negative, and if you can find a break from treatment, take a break. Get some fresh air, do something you like, or wind up calling a friend. Elders also reserve their worst actions, like family members, for those they are closest to. In this situation, employing in-home care or consideration for adult day care may be advantageous. Your bad behaviour may not show in front of a stranger, and you’re going to get a much-needed break.

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