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1 (a) Reducing children assault and discrimination by police intervention and investment
Child assault
Maltreating a child’s physical, social or psychological being can be referred to as children assault. It can be directed as the irresponsibility of caregiver or parents to take care of a child’s complete wellbeing (Gilpin, 2016). Under the wide concept of maltreatment any form of misconduct, trafficking, exploitation or neglect can be grouped. These all activities violate a child’s individual, social respect and hamper their growth and development process.
Examples of such cases
● Care Royal Commission abuse-It is a case which dates back to long 1950 till 1999. Here not only children but adults and elderly persons were also attacked. There have been reports on rape cases, injustice, violence, exploitation and many more (Alaggia et al., 2015). Children being involved in wrongdoings, criminal case, getting brutally bitten are all common. The extreme judgments to the case are still pending forwarded till 2023.
● Abuse at drama school-As per 2019 reports, famous New Zealand actor Jim Moriarty running a drama school has sexually assaulted the children admitted there for drama lessons (Décary-Hétu & Giommoni, 2017). This has led to an apology, payout and so on from Oranga Tamariki.
Police intervention and funding in child assault cases
New Zealand police seek to take up Child protection, sexual assault and other serious crime as of crucial importance. Investigations have been strengthened now a days to solve complicated cases against the most vulnerable sections of society. An additional 74 investigators will be funded for taking up such critical cases to safeguard the interest of children (Herbert & Bromfield, 2019). These additional investigating heads will help smooth the responsibility of police authority. Managing hectic caseloads, the standard of investigation and efficiency building in court proceedings is the probable help that can be provided for this additional funding. More utility bound use of Child Sex Offender Register with strict vigils and management controls can help the situation with this additional employment powered by funding.
Social scenario impact on police activities
The political trend can influence the work of Police in this aspect greatly. Policies, government controls, regulatory acts and commitment to the same can be important political influences on the work of security and police administration. Depending on the present activities, people approach towards change can bring about a new government with the want of major checks in policies and administrations (Sanders, 2017). That newly appointed government can enforce on the policies can frame regulatory work. It can create an effect on the support that needs to be provided to the police authority in taking charge of assault cases.
1(b) Required police intervention
Positive factors affecting police activities
Improvements with new policies can help the Police in employing a new investing force that can help in sectored achievements of the investigation. New appointments can make them get more heads to solve the case. Hence a more focused approach. (Soss & Weaver, 2017).This new change can also address the least attended sectors. Funding in the aspect can help Police create such reporting cells and are agencies which can help Police in identifying and addressing children assault cases. Relief funds, contingency approach, self-defence training can all are allocated by the administrator if the funding is addressed to right directions.[Referred to appendix 1]
Risk pointers to hamper police activities
New government appointment can also involve useless strikes or political chaos that can reduce the attention of the Police to the assault cases of the utmost severity. New policies for the purpose may not align with children’s interest and hence, can hamper the progress in the investigation of these cases (Zhang, Tan & Wong, 2015). More attention will then demand on such new policies and regulations.

2 (a)Change in activities
The political scenario can improvise the actions of the police authority in taking such assault cases.
More vigils- If the appointment is possible through the funding process, more vigils can be employed in red alert areas. Criminals will be subjected to repeated and ground checks, thus resulting in less chance of escape.
Speeder investigation- Those increased heads under the authority can take up the case with more participation and action. Greater involvement can help to address all critical areas right before time, thus resulting in injustice to prevail fast.
Job allocation- Different jobs can be allocated to the newly employed investigators, thus reducing the workloads of existing administrators.
Strategic planning- These funds can be used to change the strategic plans in connection with the growing assault cases. More rigid law, efficient planning, an increased force and more participation can let these cases get resolved efficiently.
Proper assessment- Prior assessment of all new political legislation can make the framework stronger. Issues so identified can be handled and solved much before the tension period (, 2016).
Emergency activities- With support from the government, the Police can act and introduce emergency facilities, thus driving alertness to the offenders. A case can be informed within 1 hour of occurrence by these emergency police information booths. Such an act can help authorities to connect to the crime in a much faster and less disturbing way.

2(b) Job design theory
Job design is a psychological model or theory in practice which helps programming work in a more systematic and resource-oriented manner. It includes allocating tasks following the resource present. It results in better management of a division of labor such that work is completed in the expected time frame with accuracy. The five essential factors which help the job designing are task significance, autonomy, and task identity and skill variety. Job feedback is the last factor which can give an opinion about all these designs. It is a theory of motivation which results in organised workflow and implementation of initiatives. In the case of Police to take charge of assault cases of children and other vulnerable sections of the society, these designs can be of immense help (, 2019).
Skill variety-Skill development with the demands persisting in the present global world is of utmost importance. Police administration can utilise the funding in excelling the skills of police personnel in disciplines like case understanding, criminal identification, and ways of tracking the offending details from criminals, and so on.
Task identity- Identification of a particular case history, its initiation and culminating end programming can motivate the police authorities in better participation in the work. These activities help in the analysis of the work to be done from the start till the end in a systematic process, thus more turning the work into more outcome-oriented.
Task significance- Acknowledgement of the significance of the task to be performed can result in more awareness and programmed execution of the task. It excels the potential and productivity of the workforce. The intervention of such practices can increase alertness and engagement.
Autonomy- degree of freedom for each individual in the police administration can build flexibility in decision-making approach of the personnel. It can lead to emancipated employee experience and engagement.
Job feedback- A feedback system can make the necessary improvements in the performance of these officials.
Incorrect management of all these above factors can lead to reduced motivation and below standard performance. Poor attention to these essential factors can discourage the mentality of Police towards the duties he is entitled to. Dedication, decisive work, alertness, justice and sacrifice are the important requirements needed in a security authority to perform his work accurately.
Trend analysis
The productivity gains in recent years have made the police autonomy meet the demands of the past five years. Its Prevention first operating model has contributed hugely to address such requests. Mobility demands are met by initializing Policing excellence norms. An oath to adopt the safest country: Policing 2021 transformation program will seek to endeavour all other needs and challenges experienced. The police aim to meet all such by increasing the number of authorized members to the department that is sworn officers 880 and over 200 non -sworn ones. Other funding will help them address the volume of crimes and criminals groups or gangs. The better resourcing and improved design has helped and will of great benefit to the police in future. The police initiatives mainly include identifying offenders and catching hold of them, reducing and doing away with crime and victimization and building a robust, responsive system.
Significance of the trend analysis
The new funding so made will enable the police to respond to all the past demand areas and deliver faster and secure service around the country as a whole. Time and resource allocations will be much more with the support of the funding, and it will help in making policies in crucial areas like family violence, risk factors related to youth. Long term policy structure and changed pattern of crime suspects and offenders targeting can significantly revolutionize this authority.

Fig 1: Job description theory elements
(Source: self-created)
Political factors can influence the activities of police administration to a great deal. Following recommendation can impart positive changes to the work process.
More improvement in children reprisals and protection
Less strikes ad strife- It can lead the Police to be free from managing this political strife thus let them put more effort into solving the assaults cases of prior importance
Legislative changes- More concerted efforts of the legal bodies towards awareness and enlightenment of the topic in public can lead to fewer occurrences of such criminal offences.
Children concerning policymaking-if policies are designed to focus on the rights of the children towards healthy living, and then enacting the same will be much easier for police authority.

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