The Eye in the sky is a thriller movie that is directed by the African director Gavin Hood. The movie is based on the war and its dilemma and how it impacts on society. This movie, the eye in the sky is based on the mission of British force to capture the group of terrorists. In the film, the name of the terrorists is the Al-Shabaab. In this movie, it is shown that Al-Shabaab are residing in the Nairobi country of Kenya and the defense for the country are trained to attack this group. It is seen that the group of the terrorist have controlled the entire Nairobi country, and as the purpose of the facing the group Hellfire missiles from the air force of the US has been employed. Hence in the movie, the social culture, as well as the defence structure of the US, Kenya and the UK, has been shown by the directors. However, the scenario that shows the military structure of the UK and is able to clear any kind of doubts of the viewers about the military or defence system (, 2019).
However, in the film, it is also showed that when the mission is set it is decided to capture the entire group of the terrorist but after seeing the inhumanities and the imminent attacks of suicide they the priorities of the British colonel is changed, and her priority becomes more focus. The movie can impact on the politicians, combatants and the lawyers of the UK and they have argues that this movie has launched a political, personal as well as legal merits in the film and relate them with the Hellfire missile attack. However, it also can be said that the movie is showing how people have to face the dilemma at the time of doing the duty. In the movie, it is seen that the drone pilot named Steve Watts faces the mental dilemma at the time of triggering from the safety of the airbase (, 2019).
Hence from the script and the acting of the movie, it can be said that the director Gavin Hood has portrayed the scenario of the UK and US defense body very successfully. Apart from that, he had also shown the mental strength and how it impacts on the duty of the officer like the combatant, pilot, and so on. In addition to the acting and script, the dialogues of the movie are also heavy and discursive. The movie “eye in the sky” has a telling scene where the pilot Watts and his copilot have decided to suit up for their flight there they have said some dialogues that successfully describes the current situation of the air force and how they have mentally prepared themselves for any mission. There is also a scene where the viewers can see that the secretary of the UK foreign department named Iain Glen has got a “life or death call”. Another vital scene that has been showed in the film “Eye in the Sky” where the US secretary has killed the people while playing a game ping pong. Hence these are the vital scenes from the movie that actually reflect the scenarios of the Hellfire mission attack. Therefore it can be said that by showing these kinds of scenarios in the movie the directors Gavin Hood have creates the controversies in the movie world. The politician and the lawyers are not supportive of the movie and argue why such kind of scenes have been shown in the friendly. However, in the movie, it is also shown how the principle for discrimination has not been followed by the combatants. The directors have shown that in many of the cases the combatants are not only fighting with the enemy combatants rather sometimes they have attack non-combatants which are against the ethics of the war (, 2019).
Therefore by creating such scenes in the movie, even director Hood have also shown basic function of drones and how mental dilemma of the defense officer can create a war. The Hood has said that at the initial they have no planned to input done attack in the movie, but when the news of the drone attack by British in Syria has taken place, he has planned to show those in his movie. The directors have researched all of the factors very case fully at the time of the doing the movie then he has implemented all of the crucial factors of the Hellfire missile attack and also has followed up the Syria attack. He has successfully portrayed all of the scenes in the war the along with the conspiracy and the dilemma. He has also shown how those factors, how the local people have to suffer. Then the strong decision of Hood and the bold acting of the actors and the bold script and the dialogue have helped the movie to achieve its polemic purpose.

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