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Carly Findlay is an Australian writer, speaker, and online influencer she was born in 1991 in south wells. She describes herself as appearance activist and has been outspoken in number of related disability issues. She was born with originated disorder known as Ichthyosis. Living a life with Ichthyosis was not easy Carly had to deal with exclusion at school, no one wants to be friends with her because of her condition, she often experiences deficit views hence she feel excluded from the normal society. Along with all this psychological pain Carly has to be patient with of this disease such as skin sourness, temperature sensitivity and triangular hospitalism. At school Carly has to face blank names from her classmates, she always complained about blind hard teachers who never helped hence she felt helpless for his disease. The teachers justified how the students were good. Does this behavior align with the Australian professional Standards for teachers standard 1.6 strategy to support full participation of students with disabilities? Carly used to spend time in the library as she was good not be involved in physical education because of her condition. However, we can recall this involvement as inclusive education involvement as Salamanca statement in the school to give the highest policy and budgetary to improve the education system to enable them include all the children regardless of individual differences. Carly School also did not follow the Adelaide declaration which states “schools to be socially just regardless and free from the effects of negative forms of discrimination”. Fortunately, Carly parents were much supportive for her, they never considered Carly as a burden for them, and Carly had a good and encouraging family life. Carly got married with Adam on 20th match 2016. She met Adam in 2013 on Hockey Cupid a free dating service. Before Adam Carly had a bad dating experiences from online websites, however now she is in good marriage relationship. Carly disclosed her harsh attitude for people with disability. She describes this inform of name calling, bullying, blaming, low expectations, negative form of discrimination and low employment opportunities. Carly believes that its not her disease that which disabled her but the suicidal narrow mindedness has contributed to her disability. Carly has exposed worst fears of neoliberalism for people with disability but actually presents shows for entertainment and viewership emphasis. Carly has given examples of such show titles such as bombardons. Often, this questions are so uncomfortable and are related to private life. This face of media can be linked with neoliberalism in which private channels are operating whatever they want in the name of they are making money. Carly has also mentioned about Companies who make skety masks, Carly said my life, she needs to see a character that the world would not destroy it since representation matters. Carly said there is huge complaint of too much manufacturers and distributors requesting them to remove such masks explaining the offensive ordeal. This can also be linked with neoliberalism were manufacturers are making money without caring people with visual disabilities. Carly has experienced social exclusion for almost every field, she has mentioned rude behavior of taxi drivers on which she has complained to Taxi High Commission and then they introduced disability passenger straining goals for drivers. This can be linked with normalization, second point that requires adjustment in society to fit people with disability. Carly also mentioned low pay rates on jobs for the people with disabilities in the society. Carly has also given advice to the parents to accept and encourage children with disability and stop grieving on their past. Carly also mentioned fashion and beauty industry and said that this industry should promote people with disability to make right identities as normal. She said we need to see disabled people feeling grate in fashion runways, catalogs and social media. However, fashion and beauty should promote and set strengths for whatever they want under newly neoliberalism. Carly has given lectures to students medical students about originated diseases and felt happy about this and feels well appreciated as a teacher. Carly believes that people with disabilities are not inspirational considering them as inspiration means they are linked with low expectations “this mindset of the society should change’. According to Carly people with disability should encourage and celebrate pride, participate in patient-led media, put looking for a cure on hold, consult with people with disabilities, encourage connections with others, tell your story on your own terms and do not erase your disability. Carly disability pride and hope, normalization second view point in the society needs to change the mindset for people with disabilities to fit them in to the society. Differences should be celebrated to achieve social justice, education policies for like the Melbourne declaration, and Adelaide declaration also state that education involvement should be socially just and be inclusive to achieve best outcomes for everyone.

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