Australians are enjoying longer life than before

In Australia, there are numbers of strategies adopted for improving the health and preventing the disease. However, during illness they need a proper health care. And for this Government is providing funds by two third of total spending on the health and rest is funded by Private Organizations. Australians are enjoying their good long life than before, but many of them have at least one chronic problem that effects life quality and also of the connected families. These chronic diseases are a serious threat to the Australian Health System. Mostly are connected with overweight, use of tobacco as an element of smoking, improper physical activities, over usage of alcohol. But youngsters are now showing a positive change in their behavior. There are numbers of campaigns ongoing that guided the public and people on the prevention from these health issues. Such as campaigns against the road accidents and measures are explained to them. Also, the bad effect of the tobacco over the health is also discussed. In this, an active participation is made by the schools where the students are provided with outdoor healthy games and activities. Over the past century, the expectancy of life has been increased and it is expected that people having birth years like 1890 are more likely to live more than 33 years of life. There are more than 1300 private and public hospitals that can accommodate about 30 million patients in one day. As per the report, public hospitals are used by 21400 patients on daily basis. There is also specialized treatment in Australia that help people with different disease such as mental sickness and alcohol addicts. Suicide is another major issue in the Australia and the government is spending about AUD 49.1 million for preventing the suicide activities. The government is providing subsidies for treating the different disease. ((Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2019)

• Due to more usage of Alcohol there is an increased demand for treating the use of amphetamine. In 2016 – 2017 there were thirty two percent of treatment episodes followed by amphetamines (twenty six percent). There is a need of more research in this area. (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2019)
• There is a lack of complete data and there is no proper nature and frequency of data collection. Also, there is no properly defined size of the population group (Australian Institute of Health and welfare, 2019)
• In this technological world, there are numbers of health monitoring devices which is not made available to everyone. These digital technologies need to be provided better opportunities. (Australian Institute of Health and welfare, 2019)

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