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Growth and development are some of key components towards the success of any institution, infrastructure being the backbone that supports the network solution. The Xerlasian University has been experiencing tremendous growth and hence its expanding to set up a second campus in the coming future and it’s for this reason as a specialist should plan for the infrastructure design of the network and its security. The major tasks and objective of this paper is to design a network that is stables, scalable, realiable, and redudant.
In the process of designing the network architecture its good to consider the assumptions that regard to the network usage in relationship to network services and resources. However, before this institution was developed there where already established protocols that were implmeneted at the initial stages of development and hence they must be adhered to within the stipulated plan. The chosen network protocol should be compatibles with the already exsiting information system and be able to allow scalability (Perlman, 2016). The achitectural design of the should be able to offer support to the systems operations and hence it should work hand in hand with bridges, routers, servers, gateways, and the network access points. Nevertheless, all the ccess points for the network must be implimented to ensure that security of the organization is stable from unauthorized access.
An Infrastructure is defined as the basic institution and its common physical facilities that make Xerlasian University becomes of help in developing the institution in social and economic infrastructure. Nevertheless, giving the most basic examples of infrastructures include; bridges, electricity, water supply, schools and telecommunication within a country.
The basic infrastructures for an organization is different from the public infrastructure since it includes, network, information system, servers, and communication channels. In any of the organizations security is important because it keeps data and information safe from unauthorized users, threats, attackers and hackers. Institution and hence it’s a requirement for proper measures to be taken towards ensuring that all data and information is safe.
The Design of the logical and physical topographical layout of the network

The current physical layout

The logical design

The current design

Internet Access Paths and Firewalls.
In any network design a server is an important tool since it offers the storage of data and information and also ensures that there is easy access of the information system. Nevertheless, security is key to the organization and hence the installation or the use of firewalls will ensure enough security for the network. The resilience and availability of the network will ensure that all devices are hardened so that they can suite the day to day working of the university (Deng, 1999). The foundation of the network should be secured or protected from unauthorized access to information and data, this can be achieved if the best firewalls are used and implemented to the network to ensure that there is maximum protection and control of the management through availability and resiliency. Through the network design demonstrated in the figure above it shows that security of the web and internet access are well taken care of by ensuring that the proper equipment’s are installed in the design. However, the firewalls will prevent the global correlation of cyber-attacks and ensure that there is secure mobility in access control of the network. To the students that use mobile phones, tablets and ipad its’ advisable that they make use of VPN’s to offer protection to their devices. Nevertheless, as secure mobility increases the persistence and consistent policy enhancement independent of location of staff (Rubin, 2001).
The rationale for the logical and physical topographical layout of the planned network.
The design of the current network is not far much different from the previous ones considering that the company has plans of upgrading for the next campus. However, the network layout will remain to be the same in both the physical and logical topography because this will help in reducing complexity. The connection of the hubs in the network will be an added advantage since it will be capable of connecting segments of the network. Nevertheless, the wiring of the devices is done to ensure that there are blockages or delays in network transmission through the ports. Networking devices such as WI-FI equipments that are of high value and have heavy loading capabilities are needed in this network design so that they can be shifted to third floor to make sure that all security concerns are put under tight control. The already implemented network design will be easily accessible for both business and common organizational funtionalities because it comprises of physical and logical layouts that will ensure the network is capable of sustaining the institution. However, both logical and physical layout comprises database, mail server, and firewalls since they are the key necessities or fundamentals to company’s data.
Creating a comprehensive security policy for the Xerlasian University
a. Protect the University infrastructure and assets
Once the new network design has been implemented the company will be required to apply the CIA specifications so as to meet the current standards. Data is an important element to any organization and hence it’s not supposed to get accessed to unauthorized personnel, therefore it’s the role of the company to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken into consideration. The classification of data is significant to the Xerlasian University because it will allow the company to distinguish the data that the users can alter with and the one which cannot be changed. Once the new network has been put to work it’s important that the company changes data to new data created the, however it should be able to classify the data as a Xerlasian University only, and no one should have such as mandate. Classification of existing data of the Xerlasian University as below
b. Address ethical aspects related to students, employee behavior, contractors, password usage, and access to networked resources and information.
The Xerlasian University leadership is responsible of taking care of all the entities within the system. However, it’s the responsibility of the system admin to ensure that the system is updated and maintained throughout its functioning. The system owners are also responsible in ensuring that they determine the security levels for the users, network, information system and making sure that all devices being used are verified before being used.
Within the stipulated organization there is a divisional manager who is responsible of obtaining the clearance approval for the workers within the enterprise. Secondly; in the process of clarifying the data on the system it’s the work of divisional manager to classify all the devices. Nevertheless, understanding and implementing the policies is key to the design of this network.
The security officer is entitled in ensuring that all data and information is safe from threats and system is free from attack by hackers. It’s the responsibility of the Security Officer to approve all classifications of data, and approve the final layout of the company’s network.
Users are the basic elements in an information system and hence it’s the responsibility of the user is to be able to determine the clients own clearance. However, the users are entiteled to be able to understand the level of their rights and limitations associated with clearance of clients. It’s the responsibility of the users to make sure that all the data one’s going to work on is correctly as classified.
The chosen network protocol should be compatibles with the already exsiting information system and be able to allow scalability. The achitectural design of the should be able to offer support to the systems operations and hence it should work hand in hand with bridges, routers, servers, gateways, and the network access points. Nevertheless, all the ccess points for the network must be implimented to ensure that security of the Xerlasian University is stable from unauthorized access.

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