Assessment on Rosenblatt theory

As the theory describes the actions and feelings of the listeners, this assessment would also help in determining what students think about the book. This assessment will find out how much a student learns from the book. The impact of the book “Be Kind” is on the kindness of the students. The reaction tells either the responses of the character from the book are good or what other acts could be followed.
The student’s personal experience, as well as the experience of the teacher, is also describable. The approach of the students towards the act of kindness and which methods students will be used by them as described in the book. The teacher-student response theory, as well as this assessment, are focused on finding out the meaning of the literature or the subject read in the classroom. The dynamic transaction of the book reading to the student’s response can also be studied from the assessment. The assessment according to the theory will raise the critical thinking in the students. This critical thinking will give rise to new ideas and ways. Like the assessment will take students to focus on their past personal experiences and give new ideas of being kind to others (Storytime, 2018).
The creativity of the students will be displayed. If the students like or dislike the response of the character in the book then they will give a proper reason for it. It will increase the critical reasoning ability of the student. In order to provide all the responses in the assessment, the students will focus on the literature or the book read which will help in identifying the purpose of the text and the understanding of the book will be increased. The responses of the reader and the listeners vary from one to another from time to time. The pre-reading activity will engage students in the reading. The activity at the end of the assessment will analyze how much students have responded to the text they have just read. The group activities will show the practical implications of the book in the life of readers.

Storytime, P. (Director). (2018). BE KIND by Pat Zietlow Miller and Jen Hill – Children’s Books Read Aloud by PV Storytime [Motion Picture].

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