Slide 1: Title
Slide 2: Perspective, “Why?
Slide 3: Business background:
Lot fourteen is a project to create an innovative neighborhood in the capital of Australia, Adelaide. It is located at the situation of former Royal Adelaide Hospital with an area of 7 hectares. The innovation neighborhood will provide the startup opportunities for research and innovation on the latest technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, immersive media technology, and cybersecurity (Bassano, 2020).
Slide 4: Continue
It is designed to gather around the mentors, corporations, investors, and researchers who could share their ideas and experiences with each other and make the most of their talents. This concept has been supported by the brand dsquared in providing management and sustainability advice for the project and it has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star considering livability, economic prosperity, and innovation (dsquaredconsulting, 2019).
Slide 5: Business Objective
The objective of Lot fourteen is to provide the people with better access to clear and consistent knowledge about the concepts of planning information by making the development process even quicker simple and equitable. As the clustering, the economic activities in Australia through the Lot Fourteen project will boost the productivity of businesses. Its objective is to bring all the leading abilities such as entrepreneurship, space, defense, and hi-tech in one place to provide a collaborative environment for the industries in Australia to thrive (Russell, 2019 ).
Slide 6: Strategic Concept
Lot Fourteen is been made in place of the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RDH) which was shifted to a different location. The planning and redevelopment of the RDH are to be done for the development of Lot fourteen and its ideas and innovations to be implemented. The strategic concept of the project includes the planning and demolition of the old building of RDH to build a new site for the Lot Fourteen project (lotfourteen, 2021). According to the project requirement, the materials from the RDH building such as equipment and other waste streams need to be recycled. Our company has been working in the field of construction and demolition of the building for 10 years in managing the different projects of construction throughout Australia. If the management for the project will be given to our organization, then we can provide better planning and management for the demolition of the former RDH, provide management for the renovation of old buildings, and also provides planning and strategies for reconstruction of new buildings for the project (renewalsa, 2021).
Slide 7: Position, “What?”
Slide 8: Product definition
The element which is included in the plans of the Lot Fourteen Project are:
• Providing 23500m2 of space to dedicate it for the implementation and development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
• Providing the startup hub in the precinct which will consist of 650 spaces across the whole area.
• Integrating the project with Adelaide botanic garden and other adjacent universities.
• Building an international center for hospitality, food, and tourism studies.
• Reuse and renovation of the old buildings from Royal Adelaide Hospital and construction of the new buildings for the accommodation of new industries (renewalsa, 2021).
Slide 9: Competitive Advantage
Lot Fourteen project is backed by the State and Federal governments which could be a great competitive advantage for the project. The capital investment for the Lot Fourteen project includes more than $466 million from the state and federal investments and an additional of approx. $1.2 billion of investment from the non-government and private sectors (Building What Matters, 2020). Lot Fourteen being an industry dedicated to education, art, research, and culture is open for everyone to share their ideas and experiences.
Slide 10: Continue
It provides many visitor destinations with significant attractions such as aboriginal arts, space discovery centers, and central culture. It has a competitive advantage because it is a culturally significant site for the Karana People of Adelaide Plains. It is uniquely situated in the heart of Adelaide and is surrounded by famous parkland and the Botanic Garden of Adelaide (lotfourteen, 2021).
Slide 11: Success and Failure Criteria
The project was started in March 2018 and is still under construction with a lot of innovations and opportunities for new technology. The project is expected to be completed in 2018 with a period of 10 years. As the project has been backed by the state and federal government, the project is likely to be completed. The project has already established 38 businesses until now with a 908 precinct population. Furthermore, the project has already established 45 startups in the Lot Fourteen project.
Slide 12: Competitive Advantage and what we can Provide for the Project
As the company is in the field of construction management for more than 10 years we can provide:
• Expert strategic planning and management
• Provide easier access to resources that could be restricted to others
• Highly professional and skilled labor for management
• Ability to show better results at low costs.
• Better access to the supply chain with better connections to suppliers in the construction field.
Slide 13: Plan, “How?”
Slide 14: Project Definition
To achieve the objective and future development of the Lot Fourteen project, the development plan amendment (DPA) has been approved by the ministry of planning and cementing its position in the development plan of the City of Adelaide. The key objective of DPA is to provide the policy framework for the completion of various aspects of the project such as startup hub, international center, and reuse and reconstruction of buildings in Lot Fourteen. It will help the project in transforming Lot Fourteen into innovative, supporting business, education, research activities, and technology and also targeting the tourism, cultural land, and hospitality. The project is expected to recycle the material from old buildings such as recycling of brick and concrete for building the surfaces for roads, the iron materials such as steel beams, tanks roof sheeting are to be melted down and used in the making of new products (State Planning Commission, 2019).
Slide 15: Strategic Focus
The strategic focus of the project is to create a contemporary environment including various open spaces, attractive plazas, and walkways for people to relax. The project is focused on attracting visitors and locals by providing active public spaces for socializing, entertainment, and other cultural activities. Up to 350000 people are expected to visit Lot Fourteen every year after the completion of the project. Whereas the project has already attracted significant organizations and businesses and with about 1000 people working at Lot Fourteen project (Jessica, 2020).
Slide 16: How we can deliver these results
Our company is suitable for managing then other competitors with better resources and abilities. We can employ suitable staff for the management and strategic planning which could help the project to be completed with the targeted timeline and with better results. The project requires the construction of a new building and renovation of old builds of Royal Adelaide Hospital. Our company can provide better management of resources and budget which in turn can help the project in long run.

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