Assignment on Human Resource Management

  1. Introduction

This study aims to identify the functions of HRM for the economic growth of different organizations. The prosperity of an organizations depends upon the performance of HRM functions. This report is based upon the poor performance of HRM and its effects on growth of the organizations. Many problems have been identified in the three industries discussed in this report. These are hospitality, aged care and banking industries. The hospitality centers are faced with the passive and poor duties of the guards of the security personnel (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013). The guards are focused on their phones and are taking naps while the guests are moved from the building to the ground floor without being noticed by the guards. In the aged care centers, the COVID-19 cases are increasing due to the poor health conditions and negligence of the staff of aged care centers. In the banking departments, there are problems about the breach bases and harassment of the employees. All these problems can be overcome by the effective performance of the HRM. This study will also include the recommendations for the proper working of these organizations in order to avoid that problems on the first step.

  1. Hospitality

2.1 Key Problems
Human resource management (HRM) department is a very important part of an organization that should be fed with the leadership and management qualities in order to deal with the staff and employees efficiently for the effective working (Cavusgil et al., n.d.). The key problems regarding the activity of the guards for the guests of the hotel are concerned in this department.

2.2 Role of HRM

The success of the organization is based on the performance of HRM department. As far as hospitality industry is considered, there are many problems that are faced. There are many challenges to the privately hired security teams due to the poor HRM department. These problems and issue have a significant role in failing this organization. There are many evidences that pointed out to the poor performance of the security teams and their HRM department. In one incidence, the guest of the hotel escaped from the room and went to the ground floor from the 10th floor of the building and guard outside the room was unaware of this happening. The cameras pointed out that the guard was looking at his mobile while all this happened. The guest was wishful to take the fresh air and was not wearing the mask accurately shoes in his feet. He was come back to the room by the guards after 1 minute of his escape. The health authorities narrated to the staff at the hotel that they don’t have to isolate themselves but only to be tested (Costa, Goedhard and Ilmarinen, 2005). The health authorities insisted to test the staff who had been present in the hotel for more than 30 minutes. According to Menezes, they were told not to isolate themselves because they were not the close contacts and there was not a significant possibility to spread the virus. However, he received a call from the health authorities and was notified that every person in the building residing within the certain period of time have to isolate himself for a period of 14 days. And the hotel was closed for 14 days after this (Connell and Teo, 2010). Moreover, the guards showed the irritating moves to the staff as well and tried to harassed the staff members. They showed the passive behavior during the shift and duty. In one incidence, the guard was noticed to take the towels for the purpose of taking naps in the location he was hired for the duty. Moreover, the guards were noticed and captured by the CCTV cameras to use the social media and content consuming. The guards were passive for their purpose and negligence was shown by them.

2.3 Recommendations

There should be a strong and passionate leadership in HRM department which can control all these complaints and problems and can avoid these happenings from occurring again. The employees and guards should be trained well and should be instructed in an effective way and should be told their responsibilities very emphatically. As far as the matter of harassment is concerned, they should be advised to focus on their responsibilities and the person responsible for such type of act should be fined apart from the expulsion from the team. These steps can lead to the improvement of the performance of the organization.

  1. Aged Care

3.1 Key Problems

There are many problems to the aged care industry in Australia that are faced due to the poor performance of HRM department. As we indicate the attack and spread of COVID-19 in Australia, more than half deaths due to this disease have been noticed in aged care industry
3.2 Role of HRM

The Human resource management (HRM) department is part and parcel of an industry or organization for the successful running and working (Ebert and Griffin, 2013). In the case of aged care, there should be proper and balanced HRM to manage and control the necessary conditions for the successful running of the industry. This shows the poor performance of the staff of aged care centers and the absence of necessary precautionary measures that are advised by the health professionals. In this way, the deaths are enhancing and increasing in Australia in the aged care industry. Australia is facing with the challenge of the high rates of deaths in the aged care centers that are institutionalized, despite the prohibition of the institutionalization (Heneman and Greenberger, n.d.). According to the measures, about 65% of the age care recipients are present in the institutions in Australia. While this ratio is very less in other countries as compared to Australia. Another issue that is becoming more and more intense is the lack and shortage of funding for the aged care industry. The experts have been showing the call to raise and uplift the funding and expenses in order to carry out the high rates of the recipients of the aged care in the institutions. Despite the measures and methods at the aged care institutions are not satisfactory for the proper health and safety from the viral disease, more and more recipients of aged care people are entering the institutions. The aged care staff is also not liable to the proper health care conditions and precautionary measures and are not using the proper masks and other equipment.
3.3 Recommendations

For the sake of the improvement, there have to be taken some important steps by the HRM of the aged care industry. Frist of all, the most important is the training of the aged care professionals and staff. They should use the appropriate equipment and all the precautionary measures for the proper health promoting environment. After this, there is a step to connect and link the aged care centers with the hospitals and emergency services so that proper and instant medical services can be possible in the case of any abnormal situation. There should be a leave plan for the paid carers, as it is available in the form of paid parental leave (Meral, n.d.). There should be facility of the respite care which can include the day respite periods instead of the long term residential respite. The planners should be called and used to plan the proceedings in the cities and environments that are friendly and suitable for the aged people.

  1. Banking

4.1 Key Problems

The first thing that is faced by the banking section is the preaches that are made many times while selling the superannuation. These breaches are not committed in a small number but they are figured to be almost 390000 (Khosrow-Pour, n.d.). There has been a law suit against CBA for breaching the law while selling its product. However, CBA denies that it is liable to the heavy fine of billions.

4.2 Role of HRM

In the banking organizations, HRM is directly or indirectly impacting the success and progress of the industry. But HRM is becoming cause of many problems and issue for the banking sites. If this poor performance and issues persist in the future, there may be a failure to the banking industry and will a collapse to do business with the customers. The law suit has not been initiated and no result has been declared for the fine alleged to CBA (Newell and Scarbrough, 2017). The law suit of conflicted remuneration has been directed to the court while it was banned last year under future financial advice reforms. The other challenge that is more intense and worse is the behavior of AMP for the former employee. The law suit of sexual harassment of the employee has been directed from AMP. There are many bad impacts of this law suit on banking industry and its business. It costs the loss in the relationship development of banking industry with the customers and do business in a trusted way. Moreover, the brand is heavily alleged and devalued for this silly act. If the brand is not trusted in the market by the customers, it cannot prosper and make profits in the market in any case. It moves the company to the bottom and drops its most of the shares in the market and mitigate its profits too. It will greatly affect the employees of AMP and will be continuously affecting in the future in a terrible way. The reason is that the trust has been destroyed between the employees and AMP. These types of the law suits and circumstances significantly affect the business and progress of the company. There are many crucial and important steps that are required in order to amend the situation. First, they should be a check during the selling of the products of the banking industry that there should be no violation to the banned acts and laws. These breaches can make the company liable to the heavy fines that will contribute to the loss of business to the company.

4.3 Recommendations

There should be trainings of the staff and employees on how they have to manage the selling of products and how they have to avoid the breach. On the other hand, the banking industry have to make strict rules and check for the HRM department for the effective and meaningful production of the trustworthy environment for the employees. There should be heavy fines and instant expulsion of the staff that is involved in the harassment of the employees or any other activity of this type. HRM has to be strict and perfect rules and regulations for the safety and security of the employees in order to avoid the difficult and challenging situations. If these thing are taken into account, HRM can be successful in creating an environment that is prosperous for the banking industry.

  1. Conclusions

HRM department is very important and crucial in the success and progress of any organization. The main task of this human resource management is to make the individual of an organization active and up to the requirement for the successful running of the business. If the HRM is not active and shows negligence and poor performance, there will be loss of credibility and connection between the company and the employees. HRM can cause the failure of the whole system of the organization if it is not performing according to the required standards. In the this report the role of HRM and its effects are discussed on the hospitality, aged care and banking industry. There are many problems and issue regarding the HRM department. The poor performance of HRM is leading to the failure of these industries. In the case of hospitality of the COVID-19, there are many issues and problems that are reported to the health care professionals. The guards are not focused on their duty and are busy in the social media usage with each other. The CCTV cameras indicated many negligence instances of the guards of the security industry. In the aged care industry, there are many activities and violations of the health care rules and precautionary measures. There have been reported the most frequent deaths in the aged care institutions in Australia despite the prohibition of the institutions in this industry. Moreover, the aged care staff is seen to violate the health promoting precautionary measures. They are not wearing the masks and other necessary equipment. There has been absence of the emergency and hospital connection with the aged care industry to manage the emergency situations. In the case of banking department, there have been many breaches to law that are committed by employees during the selling of the products. There have been 390000 breaches and it can lead to heavy fines to the bank. Moreover, the case of harassment to the former employee by ARM may lead to the downsizing of the industry. It can lead to the exploitation of the brand in the market (Pride, 2017). The level of trust between the employees and the organization is destroyed due to such cases. The solution to these problems is the effective performance of the HRM. There should be a strong leadership in these industries that can manage the performance of the humans and employees in the organizations. There should be proper training and instructions to the staff and employees for the effective performance and progress of the organizations.


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