Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality

The assignment is on the website of tourism and hospitality industries and under this assignment one of the most renown websites of the tourism industry in Australia has been selected which is Destination NSW. The purpose of using a website for a company like tourism and its effectiveness is being discussed throughout the assignment.

  1. Identify the purpose of a website and its web business model using a real world example

Purpose of Destination NSW:
The purpose of destinations is to making strategies for raising the economy of states by growing visitors (Bizz, 2017). Their main focus is to driving tourism and also arranging of sporting and cultural events for both Sydney and regional NSW. Destination NSW is known as one of the main contributors for arranging and developing sporting and cultural events for Sydney with the concern of high international conventions, corporate events, incentive travel rewards, and many more activities for Sydney and regional NSW.
The role of Destination NSW is to create Sydney and NSW as the largest premier tourism and main events for the destinations in order to secure the main cultural and sporting events, making partnership with business events so that Sydney can win over main international conventions and many travel rewards, to make initiatives which will drive the growth of visitors and finally to attain goal of government of NSW which is doubling the expenditure by the states visitors economy within the year 2020 (Bregg, 2017).

Our Vision
The vision is to create Sydney and NSW as one of the largest successful tourism and place for event destinations.
Our Mission
The mission is to double the visitor expenditure within the year 2020.

  1. Identify the target market for the site and any consumer behavior issues of that target market

The visitors of NSW can be segmented in several ways which contain by demographics, the interest of customers and their reason for the trip (Chris, 2018). For understanding the segments, Destination NSW very often makes profiles regarding different segments that are existed in the visitor economy of NSW. At following target market for the site are discussed-
Working Holiday Makers: These are mainly visitors who work while they make a holiday trip to Australia. They usually make a long stay which they are responsible for spending a total visitor’s night in NSW.
International Backpackers: The backpacker market is responsible for the major portion of the NSW visitors. The snapshot gives information regarding this major market segments.

Behavior issues of the target market of Aboriginal Tourism
The larger populations are located in NSW which is a major location for the domestic and international tourist and visitors to intrude with the oldest culture of the world. With these publications, the information regarding international and domestic participation in the tourist of Aboriginal in NSW can be gathered (Eroscon, 2017).

  1. Carefully analyze the site and critically evaluate it using digital marketing analysis tools.

It is the duty of the digital marketing agency is to make do what they can do. Destination NSW can adopt Facebook advertising and social market to according their business needs.


The search engine marketing will help the company to appear as a top search of the industry result page which will help to put the brand on very top from the competitors (Isam, 2017).


This will help the company to make special design and creating websites which will help to gather more customers.


The social media marketing will help destination NSW to create post over social media to connect with the target customers.

The email marketing will help to create personalized content which will give proper information to the customers. This helps to reach thousands of customers at one time.

The search engine optimization will lead the Destination NSW with appropriate content which will give an answer to the question of the customers and also establishes the company as an important resource.


The content production will help Destination NSW to create high impact video and that video will be attached to the website of the company to appear as a solution to the customers (Jhon, 2018).

  1. Examine internet marketing strategy of a given company and its relationship with business strategy

To shifting the focus from awareness to influence around a consumer’s intentions lies at the heart of Destination NSW’s digital strategy.

Destination NSW gives focus on the customer’s intentions and preferences. The company’s new director of the digital strategy has been discussed about the digital marketing strategy at the CeBit 2016 (Langom, 2017). She said that the key mission of the company is to double the overnight visitors economy within the year of 2020. Destination NSW has been invested 50 to 60 percent for the digital marketing campaigns. Their digital marketing activity has a strong link with the sting brand health. So the company has a strong correlation between rising digital marketing activity and to maximize the visitors.
For making an effective digital leading marketing strategy this will directly attract their global target customers. The company has to follow three principals-

  1. Giving concern over the performance
  2. Adopting mobile web
  3. Leveraging social media for reaching mass customers.
  4. Profile a company’s current customer base and potential target markets as well as its competitors.

The current customers of Destination NSW are-

• Traveler, international youth
• Students, international
• Working holiday creators
• International backpackers
• Aboriginal tourism

At the same period, the regional market of Queensland has to minimize their share market for the business conference where Victoria has been increased –
• The share of Queensland has minimized form 25% to 16% since March 2007
• The share of Regional Victoria has been maximized 8.8% t0 9% since March 2007.

The performance difference between the state competitors and the NSW are related to the investment for the infrastructure and resources which is needed to develop and market the regional areas. Queensland has been currently investing 1.6 million dollars annually in regional conferencing and in the year 2014 Victoria has renewed its budget of 1.2 million dollars for over the four years (Mourn, 2018). The regional conferencing decline trends in NSW are reflecting the lack of industry investment and government investment which will lead to the disbandment of the NSW convention bureau.

  1. Compare Different elements of a company’s communication mix and justify the extent to which they should be supported or supplanted by digital and direct marketing methods.
    Some methods which are common for effective marketing communication has been discussed below-
    Advertising: Advertising is the paid form of presenting the ideas of the business with the help of a sponsor (Pret, 2016). The message of advertising needs to created by targeting customers and has to select medium like TV, radio, newspaper, etc. to reach the target customers.
    Public relations (PR): The motive of public relation is to make goodwill in-between the organization and the public or with the target customers which the company is trying to reach.
    Direct marketing: This method aims to sell products or services directly to consumers rather than going through a retailer. Direct marketing aims to sell the product and services directly to the target customers and not going to the retailers. The common direct marketing tools are telemarketing, mailed brochures, etc. Email and mobile marketing are the new trends in direct marketing.
    Digital marketing: Digital marketing helps in do product promotion over the internet where the company can directly reach the target customers (Pret, 2016).

7.Examine the influence of the internet on the marketing mix.

Product: Product refers to an item that is created to satisfy the need of the target customers. A product can be tangible or intangible (Pret, 2016).
Price: Price of a product refers to the amount a customer will give to the company to use the product. The company has to set the price by adopting a pricing strategy.
Place: Place refers to the availability of the product that means the area or shop where the customers will be able to purchase the product. The place needs to be built by maintaining a good relationship with the suppliers and the distribution channel.
Promotion: Promotion is known as the very important activities for a company which will boost up the brand sales. The promotional activities can be done by advertising, public relation, sales promotion, etc.
People: People are stakeholders who are related to the business and with whom the company have to maintain an effective relationship/
Process: The process refers to activities for producing the product by focusing on the cost and budget (Pret, 2016).
Physical Evidence: Physical evidence is the physical validity of the product and service like a physical shop, name, logo, etc. which will help the customer believe that the product exists in the market.

From the overall analysis of using digital tools in operating business activities of a tourism industry is being understood clearly because people are now using website for all kind of business as it helps to expand sales and also increase the interact with people by increasing social knowledge about a certain products or services.

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