Kismet Mechanical is an Australian car services company currently operating in Sydney. The Kismet Mechanical is to a top-rated mechanical company in Sydney. The company was founded by Sanjay Sethi who is now the chief executive officer of Kismet Mechanical. In 1989, Sanjay Sethi moved in Australia and started his career with working on odd jobs for six months and later started driving taxi. In 15 years, he had a total of 165 taxis that are working in Sydney with over 400 taxi drivers working on part time and full time. He had an idea for starting a mechanical shop for repairing cars as he was doing the taxi business. After that in 2012, Sanjay Sethi founded the kismet Mechanical for providing the repairing and maintenance services to the general public (The Business Awards, 2021).
Kismet Mechanical provides car services and repair work remotely by providing the mobile mechanics at any location. The company is located at 603-605 Parramatta Road, PETERSHAM, NSW 2049, Australia. Kismet Mechanical is the only mobile mechanics company that provides its services all day and night with good quality and customer satisfaction. The size of the company is small as it is only limited to Sidney and provides its services throughout Sidney. The services provided by Kismet Mechanical includes breakdown services, roadside assistance, air filters, hose repairment, safety checks and towing assistance along with the mobile mechanics available at a small charge. The company works on all major car models and brand (CROOZI, 2019).
The company provides great quality to its customer and also provides a courtesy car to its customers as their cars are being repaired. The customers can contact with the business through social media platform such as Facebook, and Instagram to order their services. The company also have a website where the company provide information about all its services and a platform for reaching out to them. The customer can reach the company easily.
Digital platforms
The company is utilizing various social media and digital platform in reaching their audience and promoting their business. Some of these platforms includes Facebook, Instagram and online website.
The company have a Facebook page through which it provides latest information about the services and share new events and offers to their customers and also implementing digital strategies in reaching new audience. The Facebook page of Kismet Mechanical consist of approx. 1050 followers with 1,034 total likes on their page. The cover page is the photo which includes the name, phone and address of the company where as the profile picture represents the team member of the company. The Facebook page provides contact number and link to their website in the about us section for contact the business. The company posted its last post on August 3, 2021 which is about their memories of about winning awards in 2017 and the recent award in 2021. The post had two comments with 6 likes on it. The company is not really active on Facebook as the post before this is on 27 July which was an advertisement about their service.

The company’s website provides all the relevant information about the company products and services. The home page of the company’s website shows the reward and recognitions of the company and also generally describes about their service. The website also contains page for services, galleries, deals, blogs, area serve and also information a contact us page. Each of these pages provides relevant details such as the services page shows all the services provides to the customers and explains each of the service which includes what that service is, and how they will be provided. The gallery page shows all the photos of the company and of the employees and their work environment. The page for deals give recommendation about different type of tyres and offer their deals. The website also includes many blogs such as “6 things to check after every car service”. Finally, the contact us page provides a platform for reaching out to the company in booking services. The customers can easily access the information and services about the business and contact them for any service required by them (Kismet Mechanical, 2019).

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