Case Study on Evolutionary Learning

Parents and learning has been such a wonderful program through which the families are able to engage themselves in development of the child. It is very important for the parents to gain the opportunities regarding education and supporting various programs through which betterment of the childhood and community can be done. It has been observed that young parents have low engagement with the health and community services and there are more likely to experience negative outcomes in the mental period compared to older parents
It is becoming very important to introduce the families regarding the long term benefits and physical and mental health and providing appropriate educational platform for the people to understand the importance of health facilities and health programs. The people associated with health programs are generally considered as people who have experience and time to promote the programs. But it is the responsibility of the seniority is to promote young parents who belong to more than age group of 25 to gain opportunities regarding early intervention. Western Australian families are guided by nearly about 130 years of experience in parenting and child development. Every child has a different path to take in life and it is the responsibility of the parents to tailor their childhood in such a way that their future can be enlightened (Holmbeck, & Brooks-Gunn, 1995).
Evaluation design and why?
Qualitative evaluation needs to be done regarding the parents and there is group so that health and community services can be promoted and positive experience can be generated regarding the prenatal period as compared to older parents. It is becoming the responsibility of the senior citizens to motivate the younger parents to contribute in health and community services so that backward section can also be promoted and positive outcomes can be generated. The findings regarding the report have been considered as short to medium term young parent’s program outcomes for parents and children. Parents are engaged in implementing services that are welcoming, non-judgmental and holistic so that they are able to showcase their parenting skills and depict the confidence into their infant’s requirement. The periods are empowered to code sign program activities to meet their parenting and non printing requirements through which they can also develop friendships and social support network in the local community to promote the health services. They also have the opportunity to generate appropriate link in the community services and resources so that their children are able to care and stimulate with age appropriate interactions and play with the same age group. Flexible, responsive and appropriate programs for each parent are effective source of connecting parents to services so that social networks can be generated and appropriate learning opportunities can be provided to the community.

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