Project Management Assignment

The Lot Fourteen Project is an exclusive innovation-oriented enclave project of Australia powered by the Australian and South Australian governments and their various departments in collaboration with the authorities of the Adelaide city. The project is ought to catching the eye of the world through its unique ideas and vision of creating a neighborhood which is ideal in terms of education, investment, technological recreation, travelling and intervening the approaches of innovation all at one place. The project aims to reconcile and place the existing scientific capabilities and features in proximity to ensure the technological augmentation of Australia with respect to multiple variants of technology. The project opens gateway to opportunities and fortuity for the individuals of Australia and all across the globe to work in an atmosphere that is the most favorable in terms of scientific and innovative approaches of working. The atmosphere of operating in the subject neighborhood is such that it provides grounds to reintegrate and collaborate with the work pool which is highly geared with the advanced technological approaches and creative integration of ideas (Walker, 2021).
It is said that the project is a determinant of the future of Australia in terms of excellence in approaches of science, technology and innovation. The project envisions to recondition and modernize the urban trends of advancement and upbringing the creativity in the educational, technological, entrepreneurial and collaborative contexts ( Right Angle Studio , 2021). The project is designed for locating in the Adelaide, North Terrace, Australia where primitively the Royal Hospital of Adelaide used to be situated. Professional teams with expertise and field specificity have been hired to be bifurcated and confined to the different tasks and workstreams of the project.
The Lot Fourteen project is a site of development that accommodates and provides for investors, collaborators, business holders, startup planners, entrepreneurs, researchers, spacemen and students to pay visit and work in an environment driven by the approaches of innovation and technology. It is a home to innovative working and application of modern technology to promote urbanization and reunification in Australia that hold the global attention. It aims to build centers for scientific research and education for the students, researchers and analysts and skill holders of variable techniques of lighting, security solutions, steel works and power solutions (BOFFA, 2021).
The scope of the project expands to the development, rehabilitation and improvement of the Australian sectors of cultural heritage and tourism. The Lot Fourteen Project comprises of establishment and development of heritage-based buildings for rebooting the cultural prospects of the state (Kraatz, 2021). The project also centers at expanding its undertaking to the entrepreneurs, educationists, scientific researchers, information technological experts, tenants and creativity professionals. The project is of the goal to create a number of research and technology hubs, centers of innovation, astronautical institutes, cultural heritage points and center for entrepreneurial setups.
The Lot Fourteen Project is a 7-hectare transformational site for the primitive building of the Royal Adelaide Hospital situated in the Eastern corner of the North Terrace right in the center of the Adelaide City of South Australia. The location of the project is the prominent factor of the attention of the citizens and visitors given its heritage and cultural aspects as well as the new concept that it follows. The project has been long founded since the old 19th century buildings and construction pieces underwent a whole timeline of various ideas of rebuilding and renovation into modernly constrictions and complexes (Growth State Australia, 2021). The process of brainstorming to transform the site by applying urban approaches had begun since 2017 and many ideas in this regard were rejected until the final idea of the Lot Fourteen Project of transforming the site into an innovation and technological hub was approved by the minister of DPA, Adelaide.
The project was conceptualized to be designed and situated starting from the Trail of Adelaide Park Lands allowing the open space area of the innovative hub and the institutional zone situated next to the Botanical Gardens of Adelaide. The industrial developmental area for urban reformation has been allocated two zones in accordance with the innovative provisions and usage that it envisions (Adelaide (City) Development Plan, 2016). The Lot Fourteen Project encompasses the restructuring of the old 19th century buildings located right in the heart of the Adelaide City retaining their legacy, heritage and cultural richness to develop and transform into a pivotal of innovation, commerce, culture, travel, rejuvenation and education.
Main Tasks
The Lot Fourteen Project is a developmental project that revolves around the establishment of an industrial enclave with institutional and mixed zones of the practices of technological approaches, innovation, astronautical research and development, startups, commercial investments and collaborations and the revival of the cultural heritage of the location that it is being situated at. The project plan was put forward back in 2018 getting approval in December 2020. The expectations for the project to get completed is by 2025 with a good lot of investment and budget to shape up the future of the Australian region in the Adelaide city and gaining the global attention towards the strategic approach of the country’s progress and development.
The company has bifurcated workstreams and pools of the project to the field specific teams to carry out the responsibilities with professional assistance that is approvable and verified in legal and communal contexts. The stakeholders of the project include the governments of Australia, the Ministry of City of Adelaide, South Australian Government, the John Wardle Architects for designing the unique idea of building of heritage revival and documentation and legal consultancy by Right Angle. Moreover, the department pf urban management and planning of the South Australian government is assigned to redevelop the site according to the proposed plan. The main workstreams of the project include the establishment of a center of Arts and cultures with exhibition of artifacts from the Australian museum to depict the heritage of the site. In addition to this, a sixteen-story center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is designed to be stablished under the project of Lot Fourteen for startup activities and commercial practices. The collaborative efforts of a number of globally operating astronautical companies and agencies of Australia are powering the center of Cyber Practices and Collaboration under the umbrella of the same project to get the technological and innovative approaches in application of the modernized system as planned in the project. A machine learning institute is also being established which is designed to be a research platform for the students analyzing the artificial intelligence in a government led collaboration with the University of Adelaide. Adding to these workstreams, the healthcare lab and the center for food, travel and hospitality with the collaboration of Stone and Chalks startup pivot (South Australia: The Defense State, 2020).
The Lot Fourteen has a number of milestones to achieve in order to measure the extent of the success of the proposed plan of the project to develop an industrial hub of innovation and technology opening multiple ways of opportunities and modern interventions for the people of Australia and all around the world. The ultimate plan of the project is to bring the opportunity for economic boosting and high-end revenue generation for the country being projected in the Adelaide city of South Australia. It is believed by the project contributors that the plan suggests to generate a financial gain of about $3.5 billion for the region. Moreover, it opens up chances for career making and professional upbringing of the individuals who pay a visit with a commercial intention. It also plans to engage the global investing firms with innovation-led Australian industries to for economic profitability in the region.

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