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A key aspect of the critical evaluation 3
Ethical diagnostic tools for business 4
Finding the tools for valuing the tools and made decisions 5
Statement of self-realization of ethical practice as a future manager and leader 5
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The business world is getting complex and there is a huge amount of corruptions seems in recent years. The ethical dilemmas are increasing day by day and need to focus on it for ensuring a better service for that. The assessment is focused on the ethical standards of business people and reflection on them and self-assessment.  
Reflective Essay
A key aspect of the critical evaluation
I have critically evaluated the two cases about All Asia Airways and the Gold and Diamond Watch. From the case study of All Asia Airways, it has been found that ethical matters is the main problem of the business. As per I have reviewed the whole case, I found that Richard Chang has no ethical standard in business. He only focuses on profit and earnings rather than ensuring a better workplace for people. As per I can realize that he only keeps people who can give him unrealistic objectives success doesn’t matter how. Otherwise, he sacks employees from the organization. Only focused on targets and objectives, he forgets the normal code of business ethics.
Richard Chang ensures money to the government people for ensuring routes of the plane in different airports and regularly ensures contributions to the political parties (Krause and Stark, 2010). I have analyzed that Richard is concerned about spreading the business in US and Canada thus he ensured subsidiary with US parent company so that he can enter the market. He found different legislations in the US economy for business. The laws need to ensure employees to be well trained to have a standard code of conduct but he is not concerned about that. He is not willing to spend his money in these work will be waste of his money.
AAA purchasing person David Leong and ignored the US law by accepting the supplier invitations (Kuk and Holst, 2018). I realized that he was too greedy that he doesn’t focus on the parts of airplanes and only thinks about himself. Thus lead to a great disaster for him when all the pump of planes found defective in the runtime. As he becomes richer in recent years by bribery, he violated US laws in the workplace. Thus lead to loss of potential revenue of millions of dollars of the company. Both the person knowingly makes the business illegally in the US and thus have the punishment of millions of dollars.
I have evaluated the case of Gold and Diamond watch that focuses on the ethics of business also. As a salesman, Anderson was very greedy in his workplace and forgot the code of conduct of business. As the firm was reputable, they are not concerned to do business with bribery but Ander with his friend’s suggestion focused on the contract that was unethical in business (Hewitt, 2008). After being evaluated and giving restrictions, he made loans and ensured the gold and diamond watch but in vain, the job and deals were closed.
Charles has ethics but none of them except him was able to ensure ethics in the business place. I have evaluated the cases and found that ethics is the most vital factors for running a business. If the Airplane business was done ethically, the business can succeed in a short time but they do not focus on ethics, they focus on profits and money without considering the customers and employees rather any laws and legislation. Also, too much greediness focuses on the low ethical standards in the recent business world. In the cases, I have made the evaluation and found that in both of the cases the ethical standard is very much low.
Ethical diagnostic tools for business
I have found some ethical diagnostic tools that will help me in the assessment of my ethics and capabilities. Ethical diagnostic tools help to predict the ethics and probability of ethics in a person that helps running a business and to work in business condition. There are different kinds of tools like self-assessment tests, financial planning calculators, job listing, and best jobs for baby boomers and so on (Given, 2002). From the self-assessment test, I can understand what kinds of the job will give me the desired happiness by means of different variables. For ensuring overall life values and priorities, there is a need for the Life Values Self-Assessment Test that will compare my life values.
For effective planning of my carrier, there is a need of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and strong interest inventory test. For exploring the work values, there is a need for motivated skills and career values. For assessing my strengths and weakness in the workplace, need to test the Work Personality Index. There is some financial planning calculator as a diagnostic tool as the retirement planner, income forecaster, Nest egg calculator, retirement estimators and so on that will evaluate my financial indicator.
To find out my own moral sense, there is a need to use the data of emotion, rationality, punishment, and learning. All the indicators will judge my moral conditions of life. Also, different kinds of evaluation are needed for moral diagnosis. Moral foundations questionnaire, theories of morality, health as a moral value, U.S gun law knowledge and so on will evaluate the moral condition of mine.
After ensuring the ethical diagnostic of mine I have found me in a standard condition of ethical or moral value (Midgley and Livermore, 2017). As I have endured different kinds of diagnosis and analysis that reflects my judgments and ensures the total background, there are different kinds of the result in different tests. But the combination of results shows that I am in the average and standard form of ethical valued that used in the modern business world. So, I can effectively work in a business condition that will increase the probability of success of that business and io can use my ethics in business.
Finding the tools for valuing the tools and made decisions
The result of the tools of self-evaluation focuses on the standard level of ethics for making decisions. The tools used in the test focuses on different kinds of answers in different methods, some finds numerical value and some find observed value but the main focus on the test shows that the value of the test of all parts is combined and found the value satisfactory for an effective ethical value.
From the test, it can be said that I am well qualified from the viewpoint of ethical standard in the job and workplace. The decision is taken from the test taken by me in the tools and diagnosis of them. Different assumptions are made for taking the decisions such as the value of my skills will remain same, the test techniques will remain same, ethical value of mine will remain same and so on (Furberg, 2009). I have used different approaches to the test of ethical diagnosis. I have used a financial calculator approach, self-assessment approach, questionnaire approach, an evolutionary approach for testing the ethical standard of mine.
But the ethical standard will not remain the same across the time, after changing the time, the value of the services and the personality change. Thus the variables of the test also change over time. So that the positions of the ethical standard are changed over time because of time-elapsed.
Statement of self-realization of ethical practice as a future manager and leader
From the essay and cases with diagnostic tools, I have realized that ethical standard is most vital in the workplace for success and maintaining the balance. The need for practicing ethical standard is also important for ensuring the best effort of works (Mandell and Schram, 2013). As a manager or leader, the need for ethics is undeniable. Manager and leader must ensure an appropriate standard of work for ensuring the business that runs successfully. I have realized that the manager and leader are the key people who serve the organization to the desired success but there is need of ethics when managing and leading.
An effective manager and leader always ensure ethical factors when taking a decision. They not only see the sake of company but also focuses on the sake of employees. Ensure all the legal implications for conducting the business. So, the results from the cases ensured that the ethical practice is most important for managers to ensure the success and objectives. I have focused on the importance of ethical dilemmas and find that the ethical dilemmas are and practice need to be considered when there is a need to ensure business success (Blumberg, 2015). Without ethical consideration, a business can succeed but only in short-run. In long run, it suffers.
In the end, it can be realized that to ensure business activity, every individual must be in an ethical standard. The standard focused on the good images of ethics and practice of them in the business world. The success of an organization largely depends on them.

At the end of the reflective essay, the importance of ethics and morals in the business world can be realized and the effectiveness of business using ethics and moral can be shown. In the different situation of business, business without ethics and moral standard will hamper and would not succeed. So, individuals in business must be focused on ensuring good ethical standards of employees that will be ensured by different approaches and techniques.

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