Café Refurbishment by ABC Company

Scope of the Project
Having been given the contract of refurbishing the Coffeeville café, and selected from the high number of companies offering similar services, ABC Company has not taken the selection for granted. This has been catalyzed by the best work we have done as ABC Company, hence the need for John to inquire from us about refurbishing his Coffeeville café, which has run for decades without being renewed. Thus, as the headhunted project manager, I have to phrase out the report. The report shall be set out with dire need of giving off quiet, reliable information on the manner through which the Coffeeville cafe shall emerge as one of the best plazas, on the entire area of Melbourne CBD, after lifting its aged appearance after more than 40 years of operation. Nonetheless, the report shall indicate various aspects which shall be considered as part of the report inclusion of the project management process, with considerable experience in the IT infrastructure, concerning the hospitality industry. Hence, to rhyme with other lucrative facilities and be competitive, there is dire need of including IT experts to upgrade the kitchen and the seating area through the installation of newly innovated equipment.
Additionally, the reason behind the inclusion of the IT infrastructure personnel as well as the project manager who is well versed with technology is because the high numbers of hospitality entrepreneurs are turning to technology to ease their mode of services delivery Watt, (2007). Some of these services include booking and marketing, provisions of media devices such as televisions on the Coffeeville cafe to entice the clients to come back, enhancement of security services through the installation of CCTV as well as including the most appropriate amenities on the conference halls.
Additionally, technology has been applied in the modern digitalized world to advertise as well as storing clients information whenever they ought to book for the services from far countries, away from London. Therefore, inclusion and selection of the project manager from communications limited have been done to enhance the high performance and installation of the senior standard facilities from the blue-chip organizations Watt, (2007). Hence, this report is set to inculcate the skills and expertise procedures required to come up with the project. Nonetheless, the human is to error. This means there are some errors and risks which might occur concerning the project.
Thus, the project shall require both the work breakdown structure to aid on the smooth running of the project. Similarly, to curb the errors and risks, the project shall require the risk management plan as one way of dealing with the associated risks. The program shall aid on time-saving as well as attaining the expected outcome on a timely basis. In summing up, with technology advancement in place, the risks can also be attested and assessed whereby installation of the corrective measures to address the problem can be put in place. Therefore, the hindrance which might prevent the future growth of the organization is dealt with appropriately.
Project charter
Being the project manager of the newly proposed task by the Coffeeville café stakeholders, its relevant to understand some of the crucial factors. These factors shall aid the involved colleagues and the project manager to actualize for the more natural understanding of the project schedule. Nonetheless, the interested parties must show a high level of interest and portray a sense of reasonable vision on all the program of the project Wrike, (2018). Moreover, there is a need to discuss in a viable manner with all the involved stakeholders of the project.
Similarly, on the approach of doing quite a good job and correspondence to the high level of interest by the stakeholder upon the appointment, after a thorough and busy week, there is need to initiate a gathering at the project site for assessment of the progress as well as execution. Furthermore, it will be another routine of tuning on the colleagues to enhance profitability. Sending of the messages to the project pioneers shall also show a point of concern on the undertaking of the project.
Moreover, colleague management is required since they are the key implementers of the manager’s aims as well as the objectives of the project. Thus, execution is expected to be of the highest order, to present and build up a hotel inside the timeline allocated as well as anticipated quality as inspired by the Coffeeville café stakeholders. Thus, the stated are the key deliverables of the project.
The Life Cycle of the Project
To come with clear guidelines and the manner through which the plan of the project shall be used, there is dire need to come up with the project life cycle. Thus, as the project manager, the following are the four phases which must be employed upon the project lifecycle. The four stages include the initiation phase, planning phase, execution phase, as well as the closure phase. The stated aspects can be indicated under the following flow chart to showcase the way through which they can be implemented. Nonetheless, the steps can as well be outlined and explained throughout the project.

In the first place, the initiation phase marks the inception period, where the project manager has to recognize the deliverables of the project. At this point, there is reviewing of the resources given to the project manager. Therefore, the initiation phase sets out the goal of the project as well as close checking on the related risks which must be spelled out to avoid future issues throughout the project. The initiation phase entails the following:
• Identification of project scope
• Deliverables license specifically under the services and the products
• Project stakeholders’ identification
• Business case identification
Secondly, the planning phase follows where the schedule and the milestone of the project are outlined, and the decision agreed upon. It’s a critical stage since all the deliverables are described at this phase Wrike, (2018). Planning stage runs throughout the project since all the priorities are written down. Additionally, the work breakdown structure is expected to draw to offer the requirements which must flow appropriately. The following steps can be followed:
• Project schedule creation
• Schedule writing down
• Work breakdown structure
• Communication plan creation
Thirdly, there is the execution phase. At this juncture, the project manager shall execute the task as per recommendation from the planning phase. Nonetheless, the test case of the Wrike, (2018).has to be made, including the measures set to achieve desired results. The business case is also set, the wherein fact there is the failure to meet criteria set, a recent amendment has to be done on the plan of this project. Finally, the involved stakeholders are thus supposed to review the work often. The following are the step the project manager has to follow:
• Workflow organization and tasks delegation
• Team members briefing on the awaiting tasks
• Updating colleagues through the hierarchy level
• Checking of the quality tasks
• Spending and budget monitoring
Lastly, we have the fourth phase, which is the final stage. This being the closure phase, marks the closure of the lifecycle of the project. The step entails the results of the project whereby the manager shall release the report to all stakeholders. Afterward, to seal the completion of the agreement, the document shall be signed to show and conclude about the conclusion of the Coffeeville cafe Ray, (2018). The project managers have to adhere to the following steps:
• Final results delivery
• Results on the assessment
• Filling the documents
• Reviewing of the conduct during the hotel construction
• Checking on the proposed budget of the entire project
The leadership of the Project to enhance quality assurance
Leadership is also a very crucial factor in the completion of the Coffeeville cafe. It’s one of the requirements for managing the project successfully. Moreover, it’s one of the factors which shall foresee the completion of the project on time as well as on the planned and allocated budget. Therefore, the project manager must entail the traits of a good leader who is ready to include her junior on decision making.
Quality Control
Additionally, for the project manager to be considered as a leader, he must show or rely on one of the critical theories of leadership, which shall guide him throughout the entire project tasks. Therefore, different from being a dictator, the manager should portray autocratic leadership. This means that he should consult as well as listening to the other counterparts and juniors throughout the project. Similarly, with authoritarian leadership style, saying he shall welcome views from his colleagues, the manager shall be on the correct position of implementing the entire project life cycle phases and the processes. Therefore, the manager cum a leader should also have excellent communication skills. This will harmonize all the involved personnel to work under his roof.
Furthermore, the project manager must also be in the position of delegating some of the duties to involved supervisors or head of the departments. This will relieve off some burdens whereby he could now work correctly on some few challenging and demanding tasks on the construction site. Additionally, the project manager must show a sense of being creative.
The creativity of the project manager is also an essential factor. This means that he will bring forth positive feedback and outlook on the construction site. Positivity in the real sense shall aid on the success of this project, Watt, (2007). Therefore, the project manager is expected to understand and accept the positive ideas rendered unto him, through critiquing them to come up with the best idea. The excellent idea can thus be added to the project to make it better.
Project Implementation Strategy
Additionally, the leader has to be ready to provide feedback upon the work done by his team of workers. In the real sense, the input shall enhance the identification of the weaker areas, which requires more attention as well as improvements. This means the project manager is a leader must be on the frontline to ensure he checks on all the responsibility given to him by the Coffeeville cafe stakeholders, to come up with the aspired building Team, ( 2017). Thus, being responsible shall catalyze the project manager to present the feedback of the project implementation. This shall aid on close checking on the project completion and whether it meets the desired outcome.
Innovation goes hand on with planning. This indicates that for the project manager of ABC Company to be successful, he must envy innovative ideas which will help him to achieve the aims and objectives of the project. Moreover, the procedure of plan implementation shall also require a higher level of innovation to check out the hierarchical techniques. Finally, with a high level of skills as well as experience, the project manager shall complete the project successfully.
Contract Control, the Problems, Administration, and Solutions
The setting of the project objective is a critical concern concerning the management of this project. This means, if in any chance, the scope as well as the project objectives are not met or well defined, the success rate of the project automatically goes down. Failure to come up with the established goals, the project is expected to stagnate throughout the construction process. Keeping in mind, the Coffeeville cafe is set to be a hotel, the high number of credential amenities are required for its success. The hotel is expected to offer hospitality services. Thus, there is dire need to understand the problems which align with the modern hospitality and management industry, more so the high rate of competition where clients go for the best Cameron, (2011). Hence, to get a clear solution on the administrative duties of the manager, their dire need of coming up with objectives, which has to be discussed on a timely basis in conjunction with the hotel management. Appropriate discussion shall ensure the project runs smoothly meeting all the aims and objectives.
Peoples Plan
The term unrealistic expectation, moreover upon the client satisfaction, might pose a high risk unto the project success. This means if the time scheduled for the completion of the project are not met appropriately, more so the deadline of project completion, might pose a negative outcome on the success of the project. Resources availability must also be in line with the project management to ensure the deadlines are met, and the project shall be completed on a timely basis. The project manager has to know that failure to meet the deadline shall amount to higher pressure. However, there should be the total balancing of the tasks, due to the facts that the results must also align to the expectation of the stakeholders as well as the target clients Ray, (2018). Thus, to beat the deadline, the project manager is expected to be referring to the dates as well as the tasks which are supposed to be performed at each particular with no failure nor delay. Through this, the project shall be completed on time where the client and stakeholder expectation will be met. The final results will be better upon the stakeholders.
Sufficient Skills
The project manager of ABC company must be a skills-oriented person. This indicates that the manager has to select the team of workers who are skilled to alleviate the challenges and also meet the set timeframe of project completion. Similarly, the application of the SWOT analysis might be considered to be worthy, for close checking on the strength as well as the weaknesses of all team members and analyzing their capability upon their skills since their presence and skillful shall aid on the project completion on the set schedule Ray, (2018). The project manager must also develop the control measures to prevent the risks on the project.
Management of the Risk
Risk management is one of the critical sections in the construction of the two projects. To counter check on the risks, the project manager must come up with means of assessing the dangers which might be associated with the project. The team must also be notified to report any risk on time to prevent future problems Pinto, (2013). The identified risks have to be mitigated and abolished to ensure they do not occur once again on the project.

Communication Technology application
The project manager can as well use the software to manage the projects. This means that the manager shall reduce the effort given to the project, and at the same time, he will save time. Thus, the activities which can be automated must be automated and therefore dealt with on a better way Kerzner, (2013). The software must also be used for the higher performance as well as the results on the management of the Coffeeville cafe refurbishment.
Gantt chart
The following diagram is used to offer an explanation of the duration of time allocated for the project.

Work Breakdown Structure

In a nutshell, the study has presented the report unto which the project manager shall inculcate on his implementation and coming up with an already refurbished café which will attract the high number of people. It’s quite clear that with all the set procedures and activities, the hotel shall be of high relevance to the stakeholders, and the clients shall have an easy avenue to relax off their mind. Similarly, with good structure and work, the project manager shall be on the position of getting another contract from Coffeeville cafe management as they deal with the hospitality industry.

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