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Learning experience indicates to program, course and other experience that takes learning process through traditional academic setting including classrooms and schools and non-traditional settings including outside-of-school locations and outdoor environments. Here I would like to present an introduction to my traditional academic interactions and non-traditional academic interactions. My traditional academic skills are completing B Sc degree in accounting and information systems and in order to complete this degree I run a research on “The roles of managerial accounting in preparing a financial statement of business under manufacturing in India”. This research was my first academic research for which I also gathered knowledge from my teacher. Now I would like to present research experiences as a follower of MPA degree in Federation University Australia. To complete MPA degree I have done research proposal and literature review.
Let have a reflection on my others traditional and non-traditional academic background in this period. As I am an MPA degree follower, I have to read and complete three subjects (Financial operation, business analysis, and quantitative business analysis). Besides traditional academic skills, I have gathered some non-traditional academic skills like MYOB accounting software course. So I am quite busy studying and working on MYOB accounting software. With all limitations, I think I have completed a successful research proposal. For the research proposal, I have studied a lot of articles through the knowledge was slightly less productive due to my busy schedule. But finally, I played my roles effectively with the help of some professional fellows and academic research.

  1. The effectiveness of the learning experience
    My learning experience in Australia reflects a little bit change in the education system in my home country and Australia. The changes in the education system of two countries I have noticed through the growing term “learning experience” that reflects technological and pedagogical shifts that have places in the delivery and design of the education system. But all these are challenging for me. That’s why I selected my research proposal on using cloud computing in the professional accounting information system. With the guidance of my supervisor, I started writing the literature review on cloud computing in the accounting information system of the company in Australia with its advantages and disadvantages.
    1.1 Opinion
    When I am thinking about my professional learning experience gathered from accounting software, lecture and professional fellows it was amazing. I always make concern about teacher’s lecture and information dealing with e-mails. My supervisor described all the slides points and lecture notes with giving solutions for the arising problems. Students also come to deal their topic with the teacher. Though we are going to take education from a teacher, we discuss the legal situations and human resource management in operating the accounting software. Here some students are criticizing their own (local) country system (Cranton, 1994).
    1.2 Value of experience
    Through the term “learning experience” I have improved and diversified the technological and learning ways. I have conducted chat, video and email conversation with using the online course-management system and learning materials. I use software programs, educational games and apps to learn from teachers. For the research, I am learning online research to have scientific observations, possible scenarios, and options. Conducting the research through online and software add more benefits from the system and process.
  2. How this learning will be useful
    Generally, learning comes from experiences like educational settings and powerful experiences. Learning process means designing research, ideation, experimentation, prototyping, testing, iteration, and conceptualization. Learning experiences use analytical, intellectual, conceptual and creative qualities. As learning is a social and human process, it can be improved with goals, course, and programs.
    2.1 course
    The course is realistic and pragmatic to me as I can identify and improve my groom and abilities through this platform. With studying the course, I have growth professionalism attitudes with moving real case practice and studies planning. The professionalism attitudes help me to get a clear direction of my professional carrier. The course really upgrades my professional skills.
    2.2 Program
    Learning becomes successful when the learner can draw some programs. As a learner, I have designed some of my career programs like utilizing the experiences in own country after completing my MPA program. This program is also carrying many opportunities and I have achieved some opportunities through studying practical subject and MYOB accounting software. I want to maintain professional accounting standards and Excellences through the practical study of software.
    2.3 Future career
    My future career brings me here to get learning of professional accounting systems and international learning experiences including the study what the differences between Australian and Indian businesses are successfully managed or performed. Another study is to see how Australian businesses are practicing professional accounting in doing business or managing the business. After completing the MPA study I wish to back to India and to develop my family business in which I will place Australian strategies, cloud computing tools, and professional accounting standards.
    2.4 General Life
    In general life, besides the studying professional accounting, I have gathered cloud computing strategies and techniques used in professional accounting and accounting information systems. I experienced some cloud computing tools when I was running research in Australia. It is a modern technology with that business organization records the business data, transaction data, communication, and potential information. With cloud computing, Indian business organization stores data and a great advantage are business analyst uses the cloud computing so that anyone cannot access the business data from unauthorized sources (Ruiz-Agundez, Penya and Bringas, 2012). The data stored in cloud computing are using in accounting software and decision making. As now I am a professional accountant, I use the learning experiences to conduct my family business, carry professional decision-making and to make easy regular activities. Cloud computing system ensures me to store reliable business information.
  3. Detailed learning process
    From the first I believe that learning experiences will not come to any successful operation of I do not reach any goals with seeing, reading and doing the desired tasks. The learning process is quite challenging to me that depends on the complexity of gathering experiences (Kolb, 1976). My learning process was started with the selected business research topic with the guidance of my supervisor. According to the suggestion and direction of supervisor, I selected cloud computing and practicing the cloud computing in accounting and information systems. It was a challenge for me to specify the scope of the research topic and review the whole process perfectly and effectively. At the research time, only one thing I knew is that what is cloud computing but there has a real practice of cloud computing in business with accounting and information system that I did not know.
    After selecting the research topic and knowing some information I mailed the topic to my supervisor. In response to my mail, my supervisor mailed me to identify the link of cloud computing with the organization’s accounting information systems and the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. So my first research topic was “The link between cloud computing and accounting information systems of a company with its advantages and disadvantages”. He also mentioned me in the mail to select an organization and I selected Kogan Australia that is e-commerce based business organization. Selecting Kogan was challenging to me as I was new and did not know more information about Australian company. For that, I was going through wonder how I can select a company based on my literature review, collect data and precede a research methodology. I went through articles and research studies that described the different sides of cloud computing. Then I was able to know the cloud computing and using this to business organization daily with accessing email, watching box sets and storing information. Even here the demand of cloud technology is higher than has changed accountancy profession with software applications to run an online based business rather than business on customer premises. From the overall study, I realized that it is a perfect topic “Research on advantage and disadvantage of cloud computing used in accounting and information systems”.
    Then I started the literature review part and it was another great challenge as I faced complexity of how I can write on cloud computing. For that, I have studied a few articles and read a lot of magazines and articles to collect detailed information from the internet. The study helped me to assess the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. After that, I started writing on a research proposal. For the research proposal, I followed research journals and reports of business analysts and it specialists and annual statement of Australian companies.
    With all the information and research proposals, I summarized research findings to develop a research methodology. For research conducting I selected qualitative and quantitative research. I run a survey and questionnaire to collect data with primary data collection and also collected data from secondary research (Cooper, Schindler and Sun, 2006).
  4. Evaluation
    My learning process depends on the business research that carried through the lecture materials of the lecturer. I followed the supervisor’s guidance and lecture slides relating to my research work. I developed the whole research methodology with the lecture slides and I went through steps by steps. Introducing a research methodology was a practical experience for me (Kale. and Singh, 2007).
    Education curriculum helps me out the successful learning that is clear. The learner needs to gain clear outcomes for achieving successful learning and my achievement of learning depended on clear education curriculum. The learning process I have followed was suggested by course teacher and I have aligned the curriculum with my lecture’s module. The practical business research has enriched my learning (Chang and Tseng, 2011). The learning process involved in business research is in following-

Finally, business research shaped my study and learning experience. To get the better experience I conducted business research according to academic curriculum and non-traditional academic interactions.

  1. Learning process
    For my learning purposes, I have used different learning approaches and types by choosing research techniques. Conducting business research was of my learning approach with that I evaluated my learning from time-to-time. The learning experiences include Kolb’s model (1984) that is a self-assessment survey with four learning model cycles (concentration experiment, reflection, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation). The self-assessment is related to two separate learning activities in my learning cycle according to Kolb and these are perception and processing.
    The first feelings of the learning process are realizing the research process that is called perception. The perception had realized the importance of collecting reliable information that is co-related to my business research. I collected information with the questionnaire and survey. The questionnaire just pointed it the answer is right or wrong. The next phase was diverging that generated diversified different types of experiences. Then I went through the assimilating phase by describing the knowledge from learning. The last step was accommodating the gathered knowledge to my belief and prior experiences.
    According to the Kolb model, the first phase of my learning and self-assessment was concentrate experimentation (Kolb, 2014). The step is doing something like gaining subject knowledge from the research learning on “Using cloud computing in accounting and information systems”. Then I completed a literature review on the above topic.
    Then the reflection phase came in my learning and I made the reflection that means thinking about the literature review and finding research problems. The research problem created a gap for that I developed a problem statement for doing further research. After making reflection and doing research, I went through abstract conceptualization that means the help of supervisor in doing business research on the proposal. In this phase, I made contact with supervisor and others like an employee of Kogan about the problem statement of research.
    The active experiment was the last step of my learning that means doing a new thing in a sophisticated way. I was running experiments on Australian professional accounting and using cloud computing in professional accounting.
  2. Plan for applying the learning
    Completing the business research adds an informative and practical knowledge that is more than meeting the degree requirements. I developed my thinking power by the planning of research and research methodology. Critical thinking and perception ability were improved rather than before. The learning process has empowered my communication and analytical skills (Astin, Vogelgesang, Ikeda and Yee, 2000).
    Gaining knowledge is the main element of research and the research is the foundation of business’s sustainable development in where gained knowledge is interrelated to the sustainable development of business research. The knowledge is also treated as service of learning development by sharing advantages and converting applications.
    The main aim of developing the learning experience is introducing a future career path. Now I can understand the needs of clouding technology in business after critical analysis of business solution. Now I can utilize the experiences for the development of my family business and research department. I think now I am fit for my business as I can reduce business cost in performing activities and producing products as well as doing international business.

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