Assignment on Cloud Computing

Question 1
Commercial and business issues related to cloud computing are:
• Security or privacy issues
• Cost management issues
• Compliance issues
• Password security issues
• Data privacy issues
• Lack of expertise or resources issues
• Control or governance issues
• Performance issues
• Reliability issues
Question 2
Specific areas of responsibility in terms of security in an enterprise includes the following
• CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
• Technical manager
• Managers of security programs
• Senior analyst of security
Therefore, in order to protect the security within the organization certain application such as Firewall application, anti-virus, VAPT and much other application regarding security can be installed in each area of operation (Aldossary & Allen, 2016).
Question 3
Most relevant control of the security of an enterprise can be firewall application. It can be implemented within the organization as it helps in scanning all the outgoing as well as incoming information of the company. This way the company and its privacy can be well maintained and protected.
In order to implement the application, the company’s IT managers need to install within the servers of the company (Aljawarneh & Yassein, 2016).
Question 4
According to the compliance regulation of the company in the of data storage, the privacy of the customers of the company as well as the employee of the company should be maintained. Information related to the various stakeholders if the company should not be shared to others without any prior notice or consent of the respected stakeholders. Moreover, data related to the matter can only be accessed by the hierarchy or the managers of the company (Chou, 2015).
Question 5
In order to maintain the business, continuity planning of business lifecycle can be followed by the company. It includes analysis of the issues that are being faced by the company, designing of the appropriate solution, implementing the solution, testing of the solution in order to ensure effective working and maintaining the solution and business further for attaining success (Díaz, Martín & Rubio, 2016). On the other hand, steps for the recovery plan of data in case of any types of eruption include the following.
• Creating a possible list of all the threats that are likely to happen
• Outlining of the continuity plan of the business as well as the data that are being stored by the company
• Building an inventory of the IT assets of the business.
• Defining the policies of contingency plan of business
• Developing as well as testing the plan of contingency
Question 6
Audit and logs such as licensing and other proofs of identification are available within the company. The proofs of identification of the various stakeholders of the company are important until the date they are functioning within the company (Hashem et al. 2015). However, in order to secure the documents, the company must be separating each stakeholder’s documents separately and soft copies of the documents will be easy to handle. Moreover, firewall application will be helpful in keeping the information safe over the cloud.
Question 7
As per the observance of Sen (2015), the company is not taking enough care regarding the various documents of the stakeholders of the company and his is leading the company in the privacy issues. Moreover, this also leads to unsatisfied stakeholders and that is dangerous for any kinds of business. According to the Company Act 2006, the company should provide all the facilities needed by the employee as well as also take the proper care of the employee of the company. According to this act of the legislation of the country, the employee should be provided with all the health and safety related benefits within the company and should also be taking initiative in satisfying the employees of the company (Singh & Chana, 2016). Moreover, this also deals with the rights of the employee towards employment and also deals with the safety of the information provided to the company. In addition to this, this le also deals with the interest of the customers so that the company is successful in producing products as per the needs of the customers.
Question 8
The company should be more careful about all the stakeholders within the company (Somani et al. 2017). The documents should be kept under proper observation and the company should also take the certain initiative that leads to the satisfied stakeholders in terms of meeting the needs and demands. Therefore, needs and demands must be analysed properly and production must be done accordingly.
Question 9
In order to measure the performance, the current performance of the company must be analyzed. After the analysis of the issues, steps must be taken in order to improve the performance by implanting the necessary requirements within the company (Aldossary & Allen, 2016). This also leads to the enhancement of the security within the company as well as effective performance.
Question 10
A relevant document that is needed is the proper identification of the stakeholders of the company along with their proper registration and a contract. Moreover, strategic planning can also be used in order to manage all the relevant documents within the company. In addition to this, customer segmentation and core competence can also be implemented by the company in order to maintain the operations within the company (Aljawarneh & Yassein, 2016).
Question 11
The specification that has been mainly identified in this study is the management of the privacy and security sector of the company. The main objectives of the task are the implementation of firewall application that will help the company in dealing with the issues that are being faced by the company in the business environment.
Question 12
Tools and techniques of management that are being used in this task is the strategic planning, core competence and customer segmentation (Chou, 2015).
Question 13
The political and organizational context within the organisational includes the safety of the employee and other stakeholders that are related to the company as well as various demands and needs of the stakeholders. Moreover, the competition of the company can also impact over the security issues of the company in the business environment.
Question 14
Based on the analysis of the above study, it can be observed that the issues of privacy and security are mainly observed in a company operating in cloud computing (Díaz, Martín & Rubio, 2016). SDLC within the company can be effective in the COOP of the company as it helps in the analysis of the different issues that are being faced by the company or that is likely to face by the company in the coming future. Moreover, this is followed by the solution to the issues that are effective and beneficial for the company. Furthermore, it is being implemented and is being used to ensure the proper functioning of the solution. However, it involves further maintenance of the solution to avoid the issues in the coming future.
Question 15
Techniques that have been used in this task are the collection of data and information from various journals and analysing it by comparing.  


Executive Summary
The present study deals with the various issues that are being faced by a company in the implementation of cloud computing within the business organization. Moreover, it is also being mentioned in this study that are services like the application of firewall and others can be effective to mitigating the issue. However, a detail discussion has been presented below.

The present study deals with various issues that are related to the services of cloud computing within an industry. Moreover, management of the company in respect to the various tools as well as techniques of management has also been mentioned in this section of the study. However, a brief discussion of the factors has been mentioned below.
Findings and analysis
SDLC inside the corporate can be effective within the COOP of the company because it helps in the analysis of the various problems that are being visage by the company or that’s possible to face by the company in the returning future (Hashem et al. 2017). Moreover, this is often followed by the answer to the problems that are effective and useful for the corporate. The thing that is more, it’s being enforced and is being employed to confirm the right functioning of the answer. However, it involves any maintenance of the answer to avoid the problems within the returning future. Moreover, tools of management strategic planning and core competence have also been discussed in order to manage the company effectively.
In order to solve the issues of privacy as well as security within the company, the company must implement the firewall application or other application that are related to the antivirus detention or detention of theft and other illegal; services within the company. Moreover, the company must also be strict regarding the operations of the company and also be taking care of the demands and needs of the stakeholders of the company.
From the study, it can be concluded that SDLC is an effective technique that helps in the management of the company. It mainly deals with the analysis of the issues and creating a suitable solution out of this. Moreover, the solutions are being tested in order to ensure the proper functioning as it is followed by maintained so that the issues do not occur in the future. However, the tools that agreeing used are also effective in solving the issues.

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