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Telstra is the largest and most efficient telecommunications corporation in Australia. And it provides the best services to their customers. They provide their services nationally and internationally. It was recognized in 1901 by the postmaster generals department to accomplish all domestic phone facilities. This provides their services as Postmaster General until 1975. In 1982 it become the official Telecommunication Organization for all the domestic and international telephone services. 1st July 1995 Australia Telecom changed its name to Telstra for the resolution to differentiate forms other global telecommunication. Currently, Telstra provides its services in 19 countries worldwide. The vision of Telstra is to improve its position as the leading service of telecommunication Company in Australia. And expand its services on the international level. Telstra focuses on the data and the internet. Telstra offers a more expensive array of products to participate efficiently in the market. Telstra also made much international investment. In this way, it generates finance through the overseas markets (Kibin, 2021) and the reason for international expansion increases the sales of internet access. Provide better services of the internet and telecommunication to their customers of the home and abroad. For submarine cables, they want to access the worldwide network (Gerrand, 2017). And provide the best system of the I.P and satellite system.
The purpose to conduct this report is that to highlight the issues of the Telstra Telecommunication Company. The main issues the customers of Telstra face are “data availability and use” as they also face the problem of model attribution that provides the accurate performance of tracking. Customers needed that to provide attribution of a model which has a quality of tracking. These two things create many problems against the growth of the company. Block the way of Telstra towards the progress. Also, the main emphasis of this report is that to highlight the subjects that the customers of the Telstra Company face. A need arises that the company makes strategies and planning to overcome the issues. In this way, they are in a position to work accurately. And they take steps for the expansion of Telecommunication Company. They also take decisions for the investment of the market. After sort all the issues and problems which the company faces they take good and better decisions for future growth.
Problem and Issues
By taking the observation of different researchers, their insights and their suggestions and then concluded that the main problem is data availability and use to customers. One other main problem the customers face is that in their services of the internet the quality of the tracking system is not good. These two problems and issues block the way the organization towards progress. When the customers of the organization are not satisfied with the services of the organization then it’s not good for the organization to work appropriately. Also not be able to perform the daily task of the organization. The company also faces many problems when the feedback of the customers is reliable and not in the favor of the organization. Then it affects the performance, efficiency, working capacity, and many other terms of the company regarding the services affected (Fisher, Freeman, Schram, Baum, & Friel, 2020).
Customers are not satisfied with the services of the company because of lots of problems. Customers face the problem of data availability and use. And they also complain that the company does not provide the tracking facility in their services. To solve these problems of Telstra the organization takes the data and reviews from the secondary resources. For the solution of the problem, the organization takes the data from the secondary resources. They take survey method, through questionnaire and the opinion of different people. The main purpose to collection of the data is to manage the services of the organization according to the needs and requirements of the customers. They provide such types of products to their customers which are better for qualitative and quantities purposes.
They concentrate on their services and in this way the feedback of the product was good and perfect. Through the survey, they point out the things and a make list of the problems that the users of the company face. Then after the great concentration, they sort out the problem now the things which the company provides to their customers are best in the future. They solve the major issues of their organization that are the availability and the use of data. Now the customers use unlimited data and they provide great access to use the internet with the best speed. The quality of the product is also good. After the collection of the data one thing is clear that the customer also faces the problem of a tracking system. And now the company improves the quality of the tracking system. These all things are done just because of the pepper planning and strategies that the company to solve the issues (Gulliksson, Ögren, Oleynik, & Zhang, 2019).
Challenges and Limitations
To solve the problem Telstra faces many difficulties, challenges, and many other issues with the aim to provide the customer the best services that the other telecommunications are not provided. For the fulfillment of their goal they face many challenges these are as follows: the competitor creates, many hindrances in the way of Telstra Company. They also face the difficulty of the demand for traditional services are decreasing. The organization also faces the difficulty of security and the risk of data breaches. The biggest challenge the company face is that to focus on the future growth of the company. How to expand the company or organization? Customers also demanded new technology and others things. They also face the difficulty of the purchasing power of the customers are too much low, the movement of the currency also affect the reputation of the organization.
They also face the challenge of remote working. And the main issue they face in the organization is that the issue of network security. It is the biggest issue that the Telstra Company faces. It is too much difficult to maintain network security. The personal data of the users are not in a protection sometimes. Customers of the company demand new technology in form of a tracking system and many other requirements they demanded with the advancement of the technology. Technology is the biggest challenge for Telstra to provide advanced data and technology to the customers. To for the development and providing the latest technology they face many difficulties. The reason behind all these challenges to provide the customer with desirable things that leads the company to become the one of international companies of the world (Nkordeh, Bob-Manuel, & Olowononi, 2017).
Graphic Representation
Task Start Date Days to Complete
Choosing an Organization 22-Jun 13
Defining Problem 30-Jun 9
Selection of Method 05-Jul 9
System of Design 15-Jul 14
Evaluate Limitations 21-Jul 9
Implementation 01-Aug 5
Recommendations 08-Aug 7
Finalizing 15-Aug 12

The organization of Telstra shows the life cycle of the organization and the problem they face to provide the services to their customers. They develop the plan and according to the planning and strategies, they operate the activities according to the given chart. They can complete the task of the organization in 2 months approximately. In which the main focus of Telstra is to solve the problem of the organization such as facing data availability and the problem of the tracking system. Firstly they choose the organization to solve the problem. After choosing the organization then they focus on defining the problem. They spend lots of time for identification of the problem.
After the collection of a different opinion, reviews of different people then they analyze that the customers face the problem of data availability and they also want new technology which provides the customer with the latest things and applications. After that, they select the method to gather the ideas of the people about the problem. They selected a secondary method to collect the data. For the collection of the data, they face many difficulties and challenges. After the selection of the methodology, Telstra Company designs the system of the organization which is according to the needs and wants of the customers. Then the focus of the company on the evaluation of the limitations they evaluate the limitation of the company and also for the customers about the problem.
After that the design and the format they develop now it’s ready to implement. They apply the new strategies and technologies to the organization. In this way, they sort out all the problems of the organization with efficiency and effectiveness. The members of the Telstra Company solve the problem of the company with the help of the chart. They also make the diagram of the company to show the struggle of the company and the planning of the company. To follow all these strategies they solve the problem.

Following are the recommendations for the Telstra Company to solve the problem about the tracking system and the problem of the availability of the data and its uses (Al-Weshah, Al-Manasrah, & Al-Qatawneh, 2019).
• The organization should make proper planning and strategies to overcome the problems of the organization.
• They will use the latest tools and techniques in the organization for the execution of the proper system and activities that will not cause any problem.
• Always focus on the expectations of the customers produce products of the company according to the need of the customers.
• Focus on the satisfaction of the customers by providing the best qualities of the product.
• The biggest issue that the company face is that the availability of the data. Telstra should provide the data with good quality and quantity. And the customers enjoyed the services of Telstra.
• Customers prefer Telstra rather than other companies. For this, they maintain the quality and the quantity of the provided data.
• Telstra should focus on the new technologies and keep an eye on the new inventions of the technologies. The use of the latest technologies increases the performance and the reputation of the Company.
• Telstra will give first preference to their customers and solve the problems of the customers faster. In this way the trust of the customers built on the company. This will increase the reputation of the company as well as the finance of the company.
• Telstra should focus on all things and provide services to the customers with good efficiency.
Telstra is a company based on the telecommunication industry. They provide good and services to their customers and the customers of the company are satisfied with the company. Due to the latest technologies and with the progress of science and technologies new things and applications are introduced. Telstra faces many difficulties like that the difficulty of the data availability and tracking system in the products. Customers are not satisfied with the products and services of the Company. They are very depressed and the members of the company are also depressed regarding the performance and reputation of the company. To maintain the reputation of the company Telstra should make the policies, rules, and regulations for the development of the new ideas and ingestions. Focus on the market for the inventions. Bring new tools, ingestions, and technologies into the company to promote the company to the next level. Always focus on the preferences of the customers and satisfied the customers by providing the best things which they desire. Telstra should communicate with their customers and provide services to their customers with high standards. In this way, they provide the best services to their customers and overcome the issue that the customers face. And for the tracking system of the modeling Telstra should provide the container tag and many other tags to solve the problem. Focus on each channel to access the channel’s ability and see the engagement of the customers. Logistic regression use to combine the channel tactics.


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