Assignment on Understanding Health

Standard treatment protocols:
The standard treatment protocols list the standard procedure such as pharmaceutical and nonpharmaceutical treatment for solving the common health problems faced by people relating to a specific health system. The standard treatment protocols for alcoholism in Australia are:
Ambulatory Withdrawal:
The treatment for a patient is done at home or other supported accommodation known as outpatient or home-based detoxification services. This treatment protocol is adapted if there is no previous medical contradiction of the patient (severe withdrawal symptoms) and a safe and alcohol-free environment is provided to the patient. The patient has 24-hour telephone crisis support in case of emergency.
Community Residential:
The units for the resident are provided in regional centers which provide a range of medical specialties, nursing, and support for alcohol withdrawal and facilitate treatment.
Inpatient Hospitals:
The patient with significant medical and psychiatric conditions are admitted in inpatient hospitals to get general and physiatrist treatment. The hospital addiction medicine consultation-liaison services are also provided to the patients.
The withdrawal setting is chosen based on the patient’s situation if there are severe symptoms then they are admitted to inpatient hospitals. The withdrawal of the alcohol is monitored by examining the physical signs, the severity of alcohol withdrawal, and general progress of alcohol withdrawal. These are the standard treatment protocols for curing or reducing alcoholism in Australia. eric can use these treatment procedures to reduce his alcohol consumption and fix his drinking habits.
Health promotion resources
To reduce alcoholism, Australia has implemented measures to reduce alcoholism which includes issuing liquor licensing and service regimes, education programs to provide awareness about the damage caused by severe alcoholism, many campaigns including the law informant initiatives and providing health rehabilitation centers for the patients to coupe up with their alcoholic habits. These resources can help Eric in removing his alcoholic habits.

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