Discussion on Long and Short Term Goals

My short term goal is to take up a strategy consulting role in a big consulting firm such as Dara Switch Boards, Melbourne, Australia and I think the project based course at Simon is the perfect Launchpad. Where I Interpreted customer single line diagrams and specification documents and prepared and maintained AutoCAD and technical libraries related to electrical switchboards. My management at Dara Switch Boards, entrusted me with one of the biggest accounts of Melbourne, Australia to conceptualize and develop the Compliance AutoCAD tool which I used to interpreted customer single line diagrams and specification documents serving more clients and bringing in revenue of more than $100 Cr for Dara Switch Boards. The skills I have acquired through such stints at Dara Switch Boards, coupled with the academic rigor of the Simon MBA will exponentially enhance my chances of achieving my goal.
One of Simon’s philosophies that resonates with me is to prepare the graduate class for the real world, be it access to the Alumni after the first few weeks of class or Simon edge’s emphasis on building soft skills such as problem solving, communication and leadership that today’s companies demand. I think Associate Admission Director Rebekah Lewin in one of the podcasts sums it beautifully that Simon vows to prepare students not only to get a job that they want but to excel at it. A job in Product Management in a large multinational corporation is my back up plan. This is where my experience in building a new flagship Enterprise solution for my company will prove useful. My experience at Dara Switch Boards, has been invigorating. I have learnt to be a leader who speaks last and values each opinion.
At Dara Switch Boards, I worked with teams of culturally diverse individuals from Melbourne, Australia and learnt the nuances of business in a global community. While my engineering degree gave me the academic pedigree to go out and seek what I want, extenuating circumstances at work have taught me to think on my feet and improvise. I want to continue this journey with Simon where international community will have an ecosystem of cognitive disequilibrium promoting intellectual growth. I share Simon’s belief that all business should be looked from the framework of economics. Its quant focused curriculum matches my interest. What excites me the most is Simon’s commitment to Urban Impact through Social Entrepreneurship. It harbors experiential learning. This means that while at Simon through a real-time project I will actually get a chance to make an impact on the world.
I come from an agricultural family and would love to see more businesses, people and organizations take responsibilities and move towards a more inclusive model of development to benefit not only the big businesses but also the small farmers and traders. This perfectly aligns with my long term goal of opening a boutique consulting firm in Australia to help small businesses maximize returns. All these findings confirm that Simon MBA is the right next step for me.

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